20 Captivating Photos And Facts You Most Probably Never Heard About

Once you start exploring the world and realize how enjoyable it is to discover the most interesting phenomena and learn about the wonderful creatures of our world there is no stopping you and holding you back.

The World’s oldest (5500 years old) moccasin-like shoe was found during a dig in an Armenian cave Arena-1 located in Vayots Dzor province. It’s incredible how modern and up-to-date the shoe look although made so many years ago.

f we dig deeper this world has much more to offer us and teach us things that simply astonish us with incredibility. This article contains the most interesting photos and facts that you may never have heard about. Scroll down to get the daily dose of useful information.

#1. Pygmy Marmoset – The Smallest Monkey in the world. At just 100 grams, It averages at about 15cm in height with a 20cm long tail behind it.

Photo: © MoniMokshith

#2. 5,000-year-old leather-laced size 4 found in a cave in Armenia

Photo: © Hiwa_47

#3. During the winter in Japan, people put their extra coats in the trees for the poor and homeless.

Photo: © Sido4398

#4. “The Power of Water” …

Photo: © afarro

#5. In the words of the infamous Dr Ian Malcolm, “Life Finds a Way.”

Photo: © Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#6. King Tutankhamun’s Sandal was restored by Mohamed Yousri in 2018.

Photo: © TN_Egyptologist

#7. “The Veiled Virgin” was made by sculptor Giovanni Strazza. It’s remarkable because the veil appears see-through, even though entirely made of rock.

Photo: © sophiaong_112

#8. A photo of British mercenaries hired by the “Cali Cartel” to kill the leader of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Colombia.1989.

Photo: © Nihilist911

#9. A wedding car in Germany.

Photo: © Wearywl965

#10. Australian Aborigines in chains at Wyndham prison, 1902

Photo: © Narendra_17

#11. The Flame Lily, the national flower of Zimbabwe

Photo: © chaosphile

#12. And this is made with just a rake!

Photo: © TheGuvnor247

#13. A shark’s egg

Photo: © Sselevol14

#14. A pencil drawing sketch of Micheal Jordan by Keegan Hall. It took 250 hours for the artist to make it into perfection.

Photo: © /impala6781

#15. Amazing sand carving on the beach.

Photo: © zalansz

#16. Marble lace handkerchief, carved by Louis-Philippe Mouchy in 1781, for the posthumous statue of the Duke of Montausier, Charles de Sainte-Maure. The nobleman was one of the guardians of the Great Dauphin of France, Louis, son and heir of the Sun King, Louis XIV.

Photo: © NothingForUs

#17. Snow goggles: the first sunglasses were used 2,000 years ago by Inuit hunters.

Photo: © respedi

#18. Natural selection vs artificial selection through breeding

Photo: © Englishfucker

#19. Lion’s Mane Jellyfish that washed ashore in Maine. The largest one ever recorded had a 7-foot wide bell and 120 foot long tentacles

Photo: © SonOfQuora

#20. The breathtaking marble caves of Patagonia Chile…

Photo: © Wearywl965