20 Captivating Information That Tell unique story about life on our planet

The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute; the man who does not ask is a fool for life.


The beautiful thing about learning and knowing is that no one can ever take that away from you, and the most comforting thing is to know that this world will never run out of incredible stuff prepared for us.  All the amazingness around this world can sometimes be intimidating because the fear of leaving out some fascinating detail about this planet can grow bigger over time.

To keep our readers up to date with the exciting stuff around us, our team at Modern Mood has decided to share a portion of brand new captivating information that tells a unique story about life on our planet.

#1. This is what will happen to beer if left out for a week

Photo: © 8you2

#2. Look what happened to the red cabbage in the fridge

Photo: © DateGrape78

#3. Star Wars character Padme Amidala’s outfit was inspired by the last Mongolian queen consort who was executed by communists.

Photo: © Tugushin

#4. The newly unveiled “Homeless Jesus” sculpture at the Manila Cathedral on Palm Sunday

Photo: © Jumpman707

#5. Fans Are Trying To Say Something At A Polish Football (Soccer) Match Between Lech Poznań And Legia Warszawa.

Photo: © kvlyc

#6. Kane Tanaka, the oldest living person, born on 2 January 1903, becomes the second oldest verified person ever today at 119 years, 98 days of age.

Photo: © prolelol

#7. Ark Nova, the first inflatable Convert hall in Japan

Photo: © jozews321

#8. He found the Windows XP “Bliss” location

Photo: © Sgtpepperolly

#9. This man’s wooden clock sculpture is surreal

Photo: © justadair

#10. A janitor sweeps the floor of the New York Stock Exchange following the Wall Street Crash of 1929

Photo: © WarlockGnoll

#11. People offering prayers at the Yamuna River, India, which is frothing from industrial waste

Photo: © HuckleBerrywale_baba

#12. That’s how the mangbetu tribe skull looks like after Artificial Cranial Deformation

Photo: © Unique_District_9381

#13. This is what a moldy lemon looks like: funny

Photo: © DateGrape78

#14. Genghis Khan’s 130ft tall statue was built overlooking his empire almost 800 years after he died.

Photo: © SilverMedalss

#15. Northern lights above Tromso, Norway.

Photo: © Prizrenski_vitez

#16. Super detailed hummingbird photo. An encounter with a hummingbird most often brings good news.

Photo: © /future_beach_bum

#17. A wasp nest built from the inside of a lamp.

Photo: © Vhad42

#18. The topography map of Thailand. A topographic map indicates the features of the land’s surface, such as mountains, hills, and valleys.

Photo: © PoorIsTheNewSwag

#19. Insanely neat, perfectly crafted, and simply incredible sandcastle

Photo: © GoodLaughh

20. Archer Chynara Madinkulova competing at the last World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan.