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20 Beyond Interesting Photos Proving That This World Is More Than Just a Blue Dot

That blue dot in the empty space we call the Earth holds all the kindness and meanness, all our worries and joys, all the known and yet unknown phenomena. It’s just madness how such a tiny dot can be so big at the same time and offer things we’ll never even be able to catch up with.

But the best thing is that we can always learn and explore. Why don’t you grab popcorn and enjoy this post, we ensure you it’s as interesting as a movie.

#1. Can you believe this is made with a 3D pen, glue and a 3D printer?

Photo: © DmitriyBragin

#2. Californian bristlecone pine tree nicknamed ‘Methuselah’ was seeded in 2833 BC. That makes Methuselah 4,850 years old.

Photo: © impala6781

#3. Dyson LePetit Ring Pistol also known as The Protector Ring

Photo: © /iltifaat_yousuf

#4. Telescopic Contact Lens That Could Magnify Human Sight x3.

Photo: © FiannaFailed

#5. This is how they filmed one of the Breaking Bad scenes

Photo: © thenewyorkgod

#6. This is what an igloo looks like when you build a fire inside. The fire inside melts the inner layer of ice and the cold outside refreezes it, adding a layer of insulation that can warm the igloo up to 60°F on the inside while it’s -50°F outside.

Photo: © BirdPlan

#7. When these birds have two babies they let one die. The mother will only bring water to one baby, the stronger one starts biting the other one.

Photo: © Few-Diver3252

#8. Bibi Aisha, disfigured by Taliban husband/in-laws at age 18, before/after reconstructive surgeries

Photo: © ohnoh18

#9. I was so drunk I forgot where I parked my car

Photo: © unknown

#10. Elon’s Roadster has now been floating through space for over 3 years and is 200 million miles away!

Photo: © Spare_Temperature308

#11. Sunrise on the bay. Who else thinks this is magical?

Photo: © joecooool418

#12. Taliban’s most feared enemy’s Kurdish YPG fighters.

Photo: © pricelessppp28

#13. Have you seen a Husky-Weiner mix?

Photo: © ThinkOutsideTheTV

#14. This is what sunset on earth actually looks like from space

Photo: © gwtfahi

#15. Lobsterwoman discards lobster that is too small

Photo: © tefunka

#16. The beauty of indigenous people is striking, isn’t it?

Photo: © MuddyBootsJohnson

#17. Drone-40, a low-cost 40mm munition that can be flown remotely into enemy territory and detonated.

Photo: © iltifaat_yousuf

#18. Troops arriving in Afghan in 2010 vs people escaping in 2021

Photo: © Ok_Paleontologist440

#19. 5.25in Megalodon tooth found at Calvert Cliffs, MD (2019). Imagine the size of that beast.

Photo: © Slowhand09

#20. Sudan (Africa) has more than 200 pyramids dating back to 5,000 years.

Photo: © YaarKhaa