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20 Beyond Interesting Photos As A Virtual Trip To The Wonders Of Our World

This world holds so many interesting things and contrasting phenomena that the only thing left for humans is to be amazed and admire its never-ending surprises.

For example, lately, we’ve been wondering how airplane toilets flush and it turns out that instead of the water that is used in regular household-they use a vacuum system that sucks things out and holds in a tank which later is emptied into a drainage system once the plane is landed.

This is one of the simplest and fewest things that can make us wonder about, what about the rest? Well, if you are curious then fasten your seatbelts, we’re taking off to find out more!

#1. A large sound sculpture that changes its song depending on the direction the wind blows


#2. Pablo Escobar’s sunken plane in the Bahamas

Photo: © Spaceman_Binary

#3. This is for you to see how tiny and cute Hummingbird eggs and the nest are

Photo: © Maahee_2

#4. Vervet monkies have an unusual characteristic: blue balls

Photo: © LayersOfMe

#5. An 18th-century ceramic violin from the Museum of Art, Lisbon, Portugal.

Photo: © PoorIsTheNewSwag

#6. Rainbow fire in the sky in Franklin WV

Photo: © A1-B2-C3-D4-E5-F6-G7

#7. The biodegradable burial pod turns your body into a tree.

Photo: © mystic_pumpkin

#8. (Above) Soviet Spetznas dressed like Mujahideen insurgents during the Soviet-Afghan War, 1981. (Below) US Delta Operators dressed as Northern Alliance fighters for the battle of Tora Bora, 2001.

Photo: © TheDevils_Own

#9. Women in the Shan Hills Of Upper Burma

Photo: © iltifaat_yousuf

#10 .Time changes it all. Dubai in 2000 and 2019

Photo: © Giana85386385385383

#11. Armstrong, British Columbia. 4:30 pm

Photo: © ClitCommander_1

#12. Brooklyn Supreme was once the largest horse in the world. He had a weight of 3,200lbs and a girth of 10 feet.

Photo: © Bunnystrawbery

#13. This ice formation on a car resembles a fine artwork

Photo: © WillM_93

#14. Himalayan Monal with these vibrant feathers is now listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List.

Photo: © ChemBioJ

#15. Ancient Egyptians wore gold sandals with toe caps to match.

Photo: © FetusEatusSeasonus

#16. White-lined Dirona – a type of sea slug. Did you think it was a Lotus too?

Photo: © okokimono

#17. Satellite image of Kabul airport

Photo: © zayn1o1

#18. The perfect spot to wave a nest

Photo: © Trans-on-trans

#19. Huge prints of the large male polar bear as he treks through the Artic. Winter winds eventually excavate the fluffy snows around it, exposing the hard and compacted tracks.

Photo: © unknown

#20. “This is the first flower ever grown entirely in Space.”

Photo: © TheNutCracked