20 Baffling Photos That Are So Impressive Took The Internet By Storm

Why has someone decided to park his car upside down in the house? Why does a band practice in isolated booths? Why does a cocktail look precisely like a Yoda? And why does a gorilla has a lamp in his mouth?

These are questions that we asked ourselves while compiling this confusing collection of

Twenty photos that are baffling, funny, and weird at the same time. Whatever they are, let’s admit most of them are taken at the perfect moment. Check out the photos and see yourself. Let’s go!

#1. If you look closely, you can see the great white shark’s tooth that fell out after it hit some bait.

Photo: © BrainSlugParty3000

#2. What Band Practice looks like during the pandemic

Photo: © ahrenn

#3. I see your giraffe chandelier and raise you gorilla lamp

Photo: © mattjohnson22050

#4. The knight of your dreams has arrived

Photo: © hinnsvartingi

#5. Love the way kids blow out the candles

Photo: © jaime0007

#6. Do we all look like this when hitting the face with a soccer ball?

Photo: © GeorgeCubed1999

#7. Custom made coffin in New Zealand

Photo: © dyskinet1c

#8. Turn the lights off

Photo: © seven_critical_blows

#9. Gracefully posing next to its scratching post

Photo: © Dyinglightredditfan

#10. This baby Yoda cocktail is so cute

Photo: © _-sC0Rpi0n-_

#11. The perfect timing of a baby hippo surfacing out of water

Photo: © knuttella

#12. This is another level of creativity

Photo: © ugurtoastking

#13. This is so adorable. Turtles Hatching In A Beach

Photo: © Senodh

#14. If you’ve never seen horses fighting

Photo: © Gospodin-Sun

#15. This is weird but also unique

Photo: © cori_i

#16. An upside-down house in Bulgaria makes it quite confusing

Photo: © Ciberus

#17. Obama winning connect four against Stephen Curry

Photo: © Greekheaded

#18. Dr. Dre surrounded by Slim Shady clones is slightly baffling

Photo: © Deanbledblue

#19. Who’s the perfectionist behind this?

Photo: © TransportationScary7

#20. You don’t even need to flush the water; washing your hands will do the job.

Photo: © insolent_swine