20 Awful Designs Showing What a Man Can Create When He Goes Crazy

A human mind works in a crazy shift. It’s able to create both genius and awful stuff. And sometimes, it creates awful things with the greatest execution. This is what we call a mind-blowing twist.

Some people got skilled in making a quality product with the least elegant design, and this is what makes them stand out. And now we wonder whether we should love this stuff or hate them for such an awful design.

Scroll down to see 20 examples of things created with awful taste but great execution, and feel free to write your comments on this stuff.

#1. The gnome with a buttplug…

Photo: © 4reddityo

#2. How do people use their hands with nails like this?

Photo: © Zybrux

#3. Honoring Queen Elizabeth…

Photo: © commitkurtcobain

#4. So it’s half-past the monkey’s ass, somewhere…

Photo: © Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#5. This retro phone is trying to tell you something

Photo: © SickPuppyxl

#6. This lighter makes me want to quit smoking, and I don’t even smoke.

Photo: © Amakie_

#7. This guy is feeling light-headed

Photo: © EndersGame_Reviewer

#8. An awful tarantula monster from a nightmare.

Photo: © BreezyNeptune

#9. Because everyone loves getting slapped upside the head by random strangers trying to help.

Photo: © harmlessfortieth77

#10. A kid came in wanting a fresh cut, and this is what he wanted

Photo: © lil_puddle

#11. The classic example of an awful taste but (t) great execution

Photo: © Yosho2k

#12. A Hellraiser playground…

Photo: © ral365

#13. Sometimes crazy ideas visit a human brian

Photo: © Xander395

#14. Let’s call it a Barack O Bonga…

Photo: © AbruptlyFocus76

#15. “We heard you like spindles, so we surrounded your spindles with spindles.”

Photo: © texasproof

#16. Optimus Prime’s brother with fetal alcohol syndrome

Photo: © DestinyDroid

#17. The guy on the bench is all of us

Photo: © Spinallybestrew90

#18. Fiat Cinquecento – 1992. The complete road trip package

Photo: © desertmamba

#19. The smartest way to scare off the sharks

Photo: © ASassyTitan

#20. The feetar or the toe jam!

Photo: © ImpressiveEvening374