20 Astonishing Photos of Wildlife Proving Nature Still Has The Most Surprising Things Up Its Sleeve

Nature has gifted us with uniqueness and every creature astonishes with its rare colors and shapes, and the beauty they bring to this world. The migration season has started and humankind witnesses stunning visual displays of birds taking off to warmer lands. But the animals and sea creatures don’t impress us any less.

Only 20 but simply astonishing photos are prepared for this article that proves once again this world and Nature still have many surprises up their sleeves.

Check out the photos to discover the yet unknown places, creatures, and phenomena that make us be so madly in love with planet earth.

#1. A gorgeous tiger with rare genetics

Photo: © XuZuWu22

#2. The underside of a Horseshoe crab is just terrifying

Photo: © LePouletPourpre

#3. The power of nature – a hippo, crocodile and a wildebeest three-way locked in a brawl.

Photo: © Peachy-Persimmons

#4. What’s for diner today?

Photo: © kee-mosabe

#5. Katla Ice Cave Vík Iceland June 2021

Photo: © RNReef

#6. A very rare and graceful Red Panther

Photo: © grazatt

#7. Beefed up Bengal tiger marking a tree

Photo: © methane_sniffer

#8. Heron likes a bit of crocodilian dinner

Photo: © CYBERSson

#9. This wild beehive is gorgeous, yet terrifying.

Photo: © boba_fettish101

#10. Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, also known as Zombie Ant Fungus.

Photo: © fallen87angel

#11. A Royal albatross being reintroduced to the wild after surviving a mishap .

Photo: © aquilasr

#12. A river Dolphin. Still think dolphins are cute?

Photo: © Peachy-Persimmons

#13. Researchers estimate one in every 100,000 turtle hatchlings is albino. Here you have two siblings

Photo: © skiradev

#14. The foot of a harpy eagle is examined by a wildlife veterinarian.

Photo: © aquilasr

#15. The bull moose attacked the window after mistaking his reflection for a rival…

Photo: © itstimetopaytheprice

#16. Shaggy Mane (Coprinus comatus) Mushroom is a common fungus often seen growing on lawns, along gravel roads and waste areas.

Photo: © Lord_spaceslick

#17. The beauty of lightning

Photo: © jonahbrother

#18. This huge carpet python eating a giant flying fox bat reminds us that nature can also be terrifying

Photo: © goldbutthole

#19. The western rosella (Platycercus icterotis), or moyadong, is a species of parrot endemic to southern Western Australia.

Photo: © XuZuWu22

#20. Walking Mesquite in the sonoran desert

Photo: © Woodn_NDN_Man