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20 Animals That Pose So Skillfully That Can Overshadow Any Supermodel

Have you noticed how photogenic animals and pets are? They’re not only cute but love to play in front of the camera and show off their quirkiness, sometimes even candid photos of animals amaze by how good they are.

We love sharing cute pics of animals with you and we’re sure you do appreciate good photography, so why not combine the two and give you this article with the sweetest animals who in fact pose better than many models out there?

Enjoy this compilation and hope you don’t get cuteness overload.

#1. Sweet derps doing yoga

Photo: © 5_Frog_Margin

#2. Meet Franklin, the coolest cat ever

Photo: © Oilctopus

#3. Feels comfy enough…and cute

Photo: © jix333

#4. Stuck together

Photo: © Adequatecr

#5. Sweetness overload

Photo: © Lorraine00199

#6. This is Bella, I love her, but she’s weird

Photo: © DIRj67

#7. Kendall Jenner who?

Photo: © PriceRichard590

#8. Life imitating art…imitating life

Photo: © mlbb_odd-ice

#9. “What would you do, if you saw me at your local coffee shop?” – Doug the pug

Photo: ©itsdougthepug

#10. The sweetest derp, isn’t he?

Photo: © MillandGrace

#11. Tommy knows his accessories

Photo: © Damaged142

#12. How each of them expresses his own character!

Photo: © harlowandsage

#13. He looks like he came straight out of a Disney movie

Photo: © finelinexcherry

#14. She definitely knows her angles

Photo: © Zizoufanboy69

#15. The best couple photoshoot I’ve ever seen

Photo: © International-Tour50

#16. When the pup keeps the bed warm for you while you’re at work. Can’t be mad!

Photo: © nunwithajuicycock

#17. Always majestic no matter the occasion

Photo: © damashek

#18. Rescue dog who had no one to play with becomes best friends with a mouse. A Disney movie in the works

Photo: © Youiesa

#19. Everybody, meet Luna, the shyest and the sweetest one

Photo: © Betfas

#20. Little cougar is proud of his mom. Majestic shot, isn’t it?

Photo: © urmomissogae