20 Animals Ready To Win Millions Of Hearts With Nothing But Their Pure Sweetness

Animals, especially our beloved companions cats and dogs are able to ease loneliness, reduce stress and anxiety. Like kids, they also encourage playfulness and exercise and in this way improve their owners’ cardiovascular health. It’s even unnecessary to mention the immense tranquillity we experience just by running fingers through their fluffy fur.

We at Modern Mood are more than convinced that one single glance is enough to melt millions of hearts. We suggest our readers scroll down and try to realize how animals win our hearts with nothing but their pure sweetness.

#1. Meet the mighty pirate, Captain eyepatch

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#2. A perfect smile to make you smile too.

Photo: © A-B333nig

#3. Tasuke and Haku here to brighten your day a little

Photo: © 9999monkeys

#4. Baby elephant’s first visit to the beach.

Photo: © kai-ote

#5. Aww. You’re so cute I wanna eat you

Photo: © cjayblunts

#6. So Small and so adorable

Photo: © alltechmaster1

#7. Tower of cat power

Photo: © abaganoush

#8. Nothing else matters when your dog winks like this

Photo: © Candid-Salamander266

#9. This cuteness is killing

Photo: © overcoatbean

#10. This is just too cute to handle

Photo: © dinie-rozai

#11. First day at the park

Photo: © JerngG

#12. Grinch toes waving Hello

Photo: © Reacptor

#13. Mother Ostrich and her chicks are pure love

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#14. And he shall be named… Cinnamon Roll.

Photo: © BeardedGlass

#15. How precious is this?

Photo: © iaDivinaNymph

#16. We got a new dog, her name is Sadie!

Photo: © iMakeMiraclesHappen

#17. Yummy butter chicken

Photo: © juicydwin

#18. Golden boy

Photo: © peach_avalanche

#19. Did you know baby hedgehogs are called hoglets?

Photo: © evieebb

#20. Family or just happiness.

Photo: © samtheman93748