20 Amazing And super Original Stuff That People Found In The Thrift Ship And Bought For The Lowest Prices

t’s sad how the most original and amazing stuff can only be seen in photos, museums, or journals. And if you manage to find exactly what you want, they are sometimes so overpriced that only a few people can afford them.

However, there is always an alternative for things we can’t afford. This is where the thrift store comes to the rescue. It opens up a whole new world of treasures and antiques for the most unbelievable prices (sometimes even for free haha)

Keep on scrolling to be wowed with the 15 incredible objects that will make you wonder “where did you get this?” These people went to the thrift shop where the chances to get what you want is higher. And what is your most unique finding from a thrift shop?

#1. $15 dollars at a thrift store…and it’s an original!

Photo: © RobotsSuck28

#2. A Van Gogh Classics 4-pc Fine Bone China Mug set for $7

Photo: © Cxtherines

#3. “One of my most cherished thrifts to date.”

Photo: © BristolBoo07

#4. Pics don’t even do this dress justice, a lovely local find!

Photo: © Kfurt13

#5. Rattan couch and mirror top table for $30

Photo: © specialwaffles

#6. $10 for both.

Photo: © tn2k7

#7. An original ceramic cat from the thrift store

Photo: © venus_priestess

#8. A unique Syroco mirror for $5

Photo: © Kittehhh

#9. “My greatest fb marketplace purchase to date. $300”

Photo: © Ch3wbacca1

#10. This behemoth 80s lotus lamp was a literal haul…its huge!

Photo: © damestillmen

#11. Beautiful Alphonse Mucha mirror for less than $10 bucks.

Photo: © GYPSEA33

#12. “I got this beautiful mustard chair today for free!”

Photo: © Lamesauceapplesauce

#13. “Found one of my white whales yesterday for only $39! I’m head over heels for this chair”

Photo: © FuzzyLumpkins1544

#14. “Found the perfect mug today at my local Savers! Only 89¢”

Photo: © bigbootytyrone

#15. “I am IN LOVE with these pants! Found at my local thrift shop for 5 bucks, the whole fit was thrifted for under 10 bucks!”

Photo: © BurningManBride143

#16. Found this vintage sofa on the Facebook marketplace for $100!

Photo: © honeysprout

#17. Thrifted this dresser and mirror for $30.

Photo: © cwm8817

#18. “My mum bought a load of yarn from a thrifters and made this for me! It’s so good!”

Photo: © ltbluepoetry

#19. Adorable flower knit sweater. $5 from an estate sale.

Photo: © stfx2012

#20. White whale status

Photo: © AD061110