20 Aesthetic Pieces Of Photography Making Us Fall In Love With Our Surrounding World Constantly

Photography makes us fall in love with our surrounding world constantly because photographers see even the most mundane and ordinary things another way, more aesthetical and sensual. Photography is all about symmetry, color and shape contrast, framing, and style.

Some people have the talent to combine these all and are lucky to be in the perfect place at the perfect timing. We at Modern Mood have decided to share the most aesthetic pieces we came across recently to make our readers enjoy the daily dose of beauty.

Scroll down to check these incredible pictures and share yours if you have a piece that can compete with those in this collection.

#1. Mexican Aztec Ceremony at its finest

Photo: © jpstones

#2. This cherry tree at night makes us believe in magic

Photo: © rrajji

#3. The perfect moment of genuine emotions

Photo: © shemightbite

#4. Clever composition and message

Photo: © qervasad

#5. This curious bird wants to learn more about your camera

Photo: © OptimisticForester

#6. The smoke filled the mountains, creating this harmony

Photo: © mars_soup

#7. Beauty is in the littlest things.

Photo: © Flashy_monster

#8. The tender beauty of a poppy

Photo: © katewhytephoto

#9. The beauty of a mirrored building in the middle of the desert

Photo: © the-lazy1

#10. Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese being aged

Photo: © Onholidaybymistake22

#11. Being playful aesthetically

Photo: © napokhal

#12. Rate the majesty: a swing in Cleveland

Photo: © John_Wilkes_Huth

#13. Three very angry seagulls in Portugal

Photo: © bigredpanda_

#14. The perfect shot of a moving train in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Photo: © arnaubalo

#15. The story of one mermaid

Photo: © havefundiscovering

#16. Walking gracefully through the hallway

Photo: © /iknowwhoshotjfk

#17. The star trails above the chapel are pure art

Photo: © mentos448

#18. The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is the masterpiece of Nature

Photo: © Zersorger

#19. Clubbing and parties ARE fun

Photo: © its-sacrilegious

#20. The most iconic and crazy beautiful village in Lofoten Islands, Norway

Photo: © justerikfotos