20 Adorable Photos Of Fluffy Creatures That Will Definitely Draw A Smile On The Most Frowny Face

The simplest remedy to a broken heart, a rough and hard day is a little portion of cuteness. And what would have we done without the owners of such cuteness? Animals have their own way to cheer us up and we have no idea how they do it so skillfully.

To brighten your day a little and give our readers a portion of positive vibes, our team has selected 20+ photos of adorable four-legged creatures. Scroll down to have a smile drawn on your face. They did it again, didn’t they?

#1. Such a sweet beautiful face. And the cutest little smile!

Photo: © sarahrdavis57

#2. No brain cell in sight (just cuteness)

Photo: © iZZmail99

#3. The troop’s at attention

Photo: © Softhandshardnipples

#4. Birthday boy!

Photo: © DogsReadingBooks

#5. The prizes in cereal boxes are getting a little wild these days…

Photo: © frizzybritt

#6. They’re coming out with a new album.

Photo: © MissCrazyLady

#7. My life currently revolves around snuggles, sleep, milk and an insane amount of poop!

Photo: © FunkyAssPenguin

#8. Carrot lips. One love.

Photo: © AdamistheWorst

#9. What she’s dreaming? she’s dreaming to be a gymnast.

Photo: © Humble_litit88

#10. One day he’ll grow into those ears

Photo: © herryBard

#11. This little nugget is the absolute king of relaxing.

Photo: © C4ptainchr0nic

#12. Beans, beans, the adorable foot. So tiny and cute Touching’s a woot.

Photo: © ismellpanties93

#13. Judging the distance if it’s time to attack.

Photo: © gxxsn

#14. “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mommy. Mama. Ma. Ma!”

Photo: © starfishorseastar

#15. This little criminal was hiding out in a barn

Photo: © Oui-Marie

#16. She’s a bit of a blanket hog.

Photo: © nathanthrax

#17. World’s cutest nap-time

Photo: © IAmHappyPants

#18. So cute it looks like a toy

Photo: © RestaurantPlus

#19. How lucky do you get if you have such a cute visitor?

Photo: © Streeg90

#20. This is what enjoying the sun looks like

Photo: © VioletMeowth