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19 Times Life Gave a Swift Kick in the Pants

Life can be unpredictable and challenging at times, and we all have days when nothing seems to go right. However, some people seem to have it worse than others. The following 15 photos capture moments of utter despair and misfortune, with individuals experiencing the worst day ever. But don’t worry, these photos are sure to make you laugh and remind you that we all have our moments.

1. Not quite how I wanted my morning to start 🙁

Source: olobley / Reddit

2. How (not) to make some Lighthouse shaped cookies

Source: SolidlyRecite / Reddit

3. Bad bad bad boi

Source: mahmspaghetti / Reddit

4. Came home to my cabinet literally falling out of the wall! I rent, thankfully…

Source: raccoondaddi / Reddit

5. Came home from work and found out my neighbor had a leak, ironically on the shape of this face

Source: DatBoiToken1 / Reddit

6. Weight guesser lost

Source: rastroboy / Reddit

7. Before and after my dinner

Source: Markaayy / Reddit

8. Was going to enjoy my share of the cookies but looks like someone got to them first

Source: Goingeel / Reddit

9. Adios two of my windows. Only had a dog bed in the back, left all coins

Source: neszeldarulz / Reddit

10. Going nowhere fast

Source: mojoback_ohbehave / Reddit

11. A tree collapsed and it took out our power line and weather head. So we had no electricity and heat for a week

Source: novixus1108 / Reddit

12. I accidentally broke my boyfriend’s mug

Source: awakeandtryinmt / Reddit

13. A truck carrying eggs flips from high winds

Source: primerr69 / Reddit

14. Broke one ankle and severe sprain on the other. I live in a split foyer

Source: Iplaywithcats4adopt / Reddit

15. Mistakes were made…

Source: upwarddash / Reddit

16. Of course there’s also a lake of oil

Source: FrostilyShock799 / Reddit

17. What do you think the insurance company will say about none of the surviving interior walls being finished?

Source: Particular_Berry2967 / Reddit

18. Home for a “quick” snack on a work break

Source: 0ldw3st / Reddit

19. Parked at my house for 10 Minutes to let my dogs out

Source: meebersss / Reddit