19 Nominees For The “Not My Job” Awards, And It’s Very Hard To Choose The Winner

We’ve all come across those hilarious moments when someone clearly decided that something was just “not their job.” These instances of laziness, oversight or plain indifference often result in amusing and baffling situations. Today, we present 19 nominees for the “Not My Job” Awards, showcasing some of the most astonishing examples of people who’ve taken their hands-off approach to a whole new level. Choosing the winner won’t be an easy task!

1. Put the new bench in the park, boss

Source: TheMachineStops / Reddit

2. Finished the wiring boss.

Source: RobL66 / Reddit

3. These soap dispensers are installed on all campus toilets.

Source: Schmidt_zy / Reddit

4. Printed the shirt, boss.

Source: samsteak / Reddit

5. Painted the line boss

Source: Alliceter / Reddit

6. Not my job

Source: sofiatanda / Reddit

7. Got the 1000 pens done boss

Source: rbeighley / Reddit

8. Installed wheelchair access boss!

Source: newworde / Reddit

9. Fixed the dumb telephone pole, boss.

Source: ElzaHurt / Reddit

10. Labelled the sign, boss

Source: PenneyShockley / Reddit

11. Built the new handball field, boss!

Source: MudRick / Reddit

12. I’ve fixed the fire escapes Boss!

Source: wtfgreggo / Reddit

13. Front desk is done!

Source: Enortes / Reddit

14. Installed that sewer drain, boss!

Source: akimbowait / Reddit

15. Fork in the road

Source: socraticprompt769 / Reddit

16. Put the toilets in boss!

Source: Hkrrrt / Reddit

17. A fence is a fence

Source: torridaffirmed218 / Reddit

18. Laid the tarmac at the traffic cone, boss

Source: paul_macca / Reddit

19. It wasn’t even that hard to clean before painting

Source: marrana_brainz / Reddit