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17 Humans Tried To Teach Their Dogs To Be Normal, But Ended Up With a Pack Of Adorably Quirky Canines Instead

Dogs are natural comedians! Their ridiculous antics and funny faces never fail to make us laugh. From the classic “derp” face to dressing up in costumes, dogs always find a way to entertain us. Whether they’re playing or just lounging around, they bring so much joy to our lives. If you’re feeling down, spend some time with a goofy dog – they’ll make you smile in no time!

1. Rebellious teen throwing gang signs at heartbroken mom

Source: milkymilktacos / Reddit

2. He got a lil chilly on a post-bath walk

Source: iaslp_16 / Reddit

3. Luna is the Birthday Queen

Source: racre001 / Reddit

4. Bruno doesn’t have any teefs !

Source: evewassetup / Reddit

5. Luigi went goblin mode after a pup cup

Source: sadellia / Reddit

6. Why is my Dalmatian so smol? Wrong answers only

Source: dogememes_dinoruby / Reddit

7. No one puts baby in the corner (except for baby)

Source: No-Cupcake370 / Reddit

8. I was told I was adopting a dog, not a shark

Source: Iluvdemkitties / Reddit

9. He goes to sit in his crate like this when he wants alone time

Source: ImSoberEnough / Reddit

10. Matuu has been on the floor like this for 10 minutes

Source: ThirdStartotheRight / Reddit

11. Sometimes I think he’s not really a dog

Source: Mermaid_Dreams11 / Reddit

12. Bugsy…

Source: Substantial-91 / Reddit

13. He loves her. She loves him a little less

Source: altintx / Reddit

14. Woke me up at 3am because…

Source: whozzagoodboyisityou / Reddit

15. Turns out it wasn’t a groundhog, it was Dobby

Source: Positive-Situation-9 / Reddit

16. The first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning

Source: vinkulelu / Reddit

17. Sleeping beauty

Source: NeonGraySnow / Reddit

18. Look who shows up when the cheese is out

Source: loosemooseweekend / Reddit

19. I… I didn’t teach him this

Source: WormsBelongOnStrings / Reddit