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18 Women That Decided To Live Razor Free Normalize The Female Body Hair

It takes courage to live freely in a world full of stereotypes. A community on Reddit called “razor free” is an anti-stereotype campaign that aims at accepting people as they are and seeing the true beauty even behind the body hair. The group members share their photos trying to normalize female body hair.

We will truly start living freely for ourselves the moment when we start feeling comfortable in our skin because real beauty begins when you love yourself. It’s all about knowing and accepting who you are, and these are proof that accepting who you are looks really good.

#1. Why fit in when you are born to stand out?

Photo: © horny_hippie_

#2. Individuality is beauty

Photo: © Unknown

#3. It’s nice to embrace the natural beauty within you

Photo: ©Thepinkknitter

#4. Beauty begins the moment you start loving yourself

Photo: © queenrothko

#5. Is there anything more beautiful than the natural body?

Photo: © myrealfemalebody

#6. It’s all about living for yourself.

Photo: © myrealfemalebody

#7. It’s all about being comfortable in your skin

Photo: © empressasha777

#8. …And knowing who you truly are.

Photo: © kaikk0

#9. …And accepting who you truly are

Photo: © Ponyhairy

#10. Body female hair is normal

Photo: © onyhairy

#11. Try to embrace what makes you different.

Photo: © natlori2005

#12. In a world full of stereotypes, be yourself

Photo: © BabyTapir

#13. Let others see the real beauty of yourself

Photo: © coldgirlfeverr

#14. Tell us this is not crazy beautiful

Photo: © Thepinkknitter

#15. Frida Kahlo is an inspiration

Photo: © Thepinkknitter

#16. The natural body is the new true beauty

Photo: © pansyisinsane

#17. You’re not ugly; your beauty standards are

Photo: © Holiday36

#18. Remember, you’re a princess, even with the hair

Photo: © cherrythemistress