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18 Winter Surprises That Include More Than Just Freezing Cold And Lots Of Snow

Have you ever longed for Christmas in the middle of July? If yes, you are definitely a winter person like us, but we hope you know that winter is not always about the times of miracles and magical moments. Well, most of the time, it is, but we’re talking about something else here.

Besides festive mood, lots of snow and freezing cold winter sometimes prepare a lot more. And we selected these surprises in one post to show you too and see your reaction.

#1. It seems someone won’t leave the house for the next few days

Photo: © sohan

#2. Jingle bells can be cruel sometimes

Photo: © 77ru

#3. OMG, this is a masterpiece. The full majesty of Winter

Photo: © saiAlex

#4. Wonder how the lights still work in such a cold


#5. How did this even happen?

Photo: © Sergigres

#6. This is a contest on how ridiculously you can freeze your hair

Photo: © UmariHaruno

#7. The Adventures of one Detroit Fountain

Photo: © Mintman

#8. Now you can’t even sit on a bench without slipping

Photo: ©

#9. The ideas of the greatest minds

Photo: ©

#10. Will the tree even manage to carry this heaviness?

Photo: © Imgur

#11. Japan. How cool can it get?

Photo: ©

#12. Winter has been cruel

Photo: ©

#13. Ice sculptures from around Lake Geneva during Europe’s big freeze

Photo: ©

#14. Friends stay friends in everything, even in the silliest things

Photo: ©

#15. Vermont Icicles have no mercy

Photo: © Vermontbuilder

#16. Just wow. St. Joseph lighthouse, Michigan Lake

Photo: ©

#17. They served the symbolic function of protecting the temple and frightening sinners.

Photo: ©

#18. Ice sculptures are simply mind-blowing. This one is made by a team for a contest

Photo: ©