18 Wildest Findings In The Forest You Least Expected To See In The Woods

“The night is dark and full of terrors”. Well, this is something that might as well refer to forests, the mysterious places hiding the darkest secrets so you can never actually know what’s going on there. But these secrets reveal when curious souls take walks in the forest and find some puzzling, cool, and wild stuff and share with us too.

It’s not hard to find something amazing up in the woods since human beings don’t have much of a claim over it. So next time you take a walk in the woods be more attentive to what you see around you for maybe you’ll be the one to discover something very cool on your way.

But before that, we suggest scrolling down to see other people’s findings that will make you say just “wow”.

#1. How often do you come across a dinosaur in the woods?

Photo: © tkvp

#2. This old blue bus have been stuck in the forest for quite a while

Photo: © ambientwanderer

#3. The Connecticut wilderness holds untold secrets

Photo: © dubmystep

#4. The wildest side of the woods

Photo: © zettabeast

#5. Forest spirits made this

Photo: © panerapartyinmypants

#6. A creepy feeling from the abandoned Roller coaster in the woods.

Photo: © zedzuuzaa

#7. Why would it be here though?

Photo: © StickySticks

#8. A flock of wild toilets roosting

Photo: © MyDougs

#9. The creatures of your wildest dreams

Photo: © 9999monkeys

#10. And magic happens too.

Photo: © BoarderGod

#11. You can never stop Nature

Photo: © Ancylid

#12. Meeting in the woods…

Photo: © mrObry

#13. How scary is this abandoned Russian house found in the woods?

Photo: © 13×37

#14. Does anyone know if there’s a story behind this log accessorized with pennies?

Photo: © TexasJoey

#15. A mountain of ceramic dishes and teacups in the middle of the woods

Photo: © Awesome_Clips

#16. For secret rituals in the woods

Photo: © Unknown

#17. Where is the rest of the body though?

Photo: © Awesome_Clips

#18. People leave the strangest things in the woods…

Photo: © AllWorkNoHay