18 Ways People Made Discoveries That Kept Both Them And Us Super Thrilled

You may live in a city for your whole life but never fully discover the hidden parts of it, the incredible corners, the weird places, and stuff. And that, we think, is the most fun part because every step can be a new discovery and astonishment, this way we can never get bored.

‘This post is about unpredictable discoveries that people made when they came across some really incredible stuff and decided to take pictures.

Here are 18 photos that got us intrigued too.

#1. A user shared with us his work, and we all love the colors

Photo: © myriyevskyy

#2. A 100-year-old perfume bottle that glows under blacklight

Photo: © SleepingWillows

#3. The perfect purple cauliflower

Photo: © James_the_human

#4. This can of chips has a plastic slider so you can reach the ones at the bottom.

Photo: © katyvo

#5. So adorable. This is what an elephant Fetus looks like.

Photo: © Retirix_YT

#6. The soup is content and happy, and you?

Photo: © Waamuu

#7. My cat has one eye, and this is how she peeks around corners

Photo: © TigerSpec

#8. Snapdragon seeds or little skulls?

Photo: © LionRaird93

#9. The pear-shaped pupil that makes her so unique

Photo: © GoblinQueen93

#10. The unexpected encounter

Photo: © wiezzzy

#11. A gorgeous pine tree growing on top of a redwood stump

Photo: © Myeerah

#12. The way the water froze on the lake is so cool

Photo: © BigDaddyDench

#13. A bridge made out of only printer paper and glue that can hold 185lbs+

Photo: © potato_yes_yes

#14. I don’t get sports

Photo: © feine-milde

#15. Pretty cool design, huh?

Photo: © Zwomp-Bwomp

#16. The view from the bathroom on a cruise ship. Breathtakingly beautiful!

Photo: © whale_sauce

#17. The line of bras for a breast cancer charity in New Zealand

Photo: © Ashamed-Prompt-188

#18. When kids eventually see the Sandy Claws

Photo: © bananaclaws