18 Users Shared Their Parents Old And Cool Photos Showing How They Rocked A Lifestyle In Their Heyday

It gives us the kids of the 21st century (I just realized the kids of the 20th century are not kids anymore, including me) special pride to see our parents back in their hip years looking all cool and beyond fashionable.

We think our parents and grandparents have always been the grown-ups we know them, who don’t party anymore, whose first grey hair has appeared long before, and who gave up ultra-fashionable outfits for a permanent classy style. But the truth is that most of them were even cooler back in their heyday than anyone of us will ever be in our entire lives.

Users have shared incredible photos of their parents’ youth slaying vintage trends and rocking a lifestyle.

Check out the cool generation we used to call old-fashioned and maybe at the end of the post you will change your opinion.

#1. “My mom roughly 13, circa 1982”

Photo: © lauragasms

#2. “My cool Dad In the late 1960s”

Photo: © cherrycherries

#3. “My Norwegian grandfather casually fishing in a suit (left) ~1960”

Photo: © SrT964

#4. “My dad and my uncles being cooler than I’ll ever be (1974)”

Photo: © PoorPouf

#5. “The prettiest bride ever – my mom, 1981, São Paulo, Brazil.”

Photo: © Potinhos_br

#6. “My grandma would’ve turned 100 last week, here she is in my grandpa’s jeep in 1949.”

Photo: © mingohagen

#7. “For my first Cake Day, I present my Dad. He wasn’t famous, but his moves were pretty cool (1977)”

Photo: © -lilsebastian

#8. “Muhammad Ali holding my mom at the airport (1976)”

Photo: © BeeSqweet

#9. “My dad was pretty cool back in 1986”

Photo: © kikikuukou

#10. “My Uncle Paul Waking Grandparents after his 6 am Wake n’ Bake 1970′”

Photo: © thehand99

#11. “1976, my dad in his senior year football jersey…..Nice.”

Photo: © anamariecb

#12. “My teenage mom and swinging grandma circa 1970s.”

Photo: © atclubsilencio

#13. “I think I won’t ever be as cool as my father was”

Photo: © moosedownjacket

#14. “My dad in Alaska, circa 1980. I hope to be half the man he is one day. Happy father’s day!”

Photo: © TrenchcoatTechnocrat

#15. “My parents at the park in Russia in the 1980s.”

Photo: © thiscarecupisempty

#16. “My Girlfriends Grandfather, Meeting the Queen (1977)”

Photo: © Voldemosh

#17. “My dad was an icon in 1978

Photo: © TJH48932

#18. “My great-grandfather Wilhelm around 1920, shotguns are uncommon in the Netherlands mind you”

Photo: © rosmajoor