18 “Unfortunate” Things That Happened To Cars Leaving The Owners In Tears

Most of us worry about not having a car and when we eventually get one we start worrying about its “well-being”. The fact is – we should, we really should. You might ask why? Keep on scrolling then. These photos are the best answer to that question.

This article is about all the “unfortunate” things that could happen with a car and leave the owner in tears. Things like finding your car under 2 meters of snow or even worse all covered with snow that has frozen to ice already, or seeing it burn behind you while someone is taking your wedding photo where you’re supposed to look happy but obviously are not (well who would be?).

If that even matters, we feel your pain!

Check out the photos and try not to laugh because that’s really rude!

#1. “My car needs a wash.”

Photo: © ReturnOneWayTicket

#2. “I forgot the Pepsi was in the back of my car, and it was -16 Fahrenheit”

Photo: © OneEyedWilson

#3. “Came back to find all my truck tires got stolen… at least they were nice enough to leave bricks in place..”

Photo: © 8JustSmileAndNod8

#4. Pro-tip: When transporting paint make sure it is properly secured. Especially if you are driving in a $90,000 Maserati.

Photo: © Mr_PoodlePants

#5. “Garbage truck caught fire then exploded in my driveway. 2 of our cars damaged, 1 totally.”

Photo: © Seraphicpetal1

#6. Did you think your day’s worse? Newly wedded in front of their burning car.

Photo: © Ste93E

#7. 2021 McClaren with 100 miles catches fire

Photo: © lewaniuk14

#8. “I rolled down the wrong window when I was paying for a car wash, and then I forgot to roll it up.”

Photo: © daletfours

#9. Always make sure you have your e-brake on…

Photo: © ClownInYoDreams

#10. Obviously a favorite spot for a bird

Photo: © ItsAdewsy

#11. She thought leaves were on fire when actually it was her car…

Photo: © howdyheichou

#12. “I would swear that this is the exact spot where I parked my car…”

Photo: © kguenett

#13. It’s just a little ice, it’s fine, some people had it tougher

Photo: © mikemike26

#14. “Random guy drove his car into my house on Sunday morning causing $24k worth of damage.”

Photo: © hfrte

#15. Cryogenically preserved car. Not funny

Photo: © GallowBoob

#16. Apparently not the best day so far

Photo: © deargxiii

#17. How unfortunate is this car’s owner?

Photo: © telumindel

#18.  A truck hauling slime eels to a Depoe Bay fish plant lost its load at the northern base of Cape Foulweather, splattering and damaging five other vehicles with thousands of squirming, slime-producing fish.

Photo: © lukiiiiii