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18 Tricky Shots That Playfully Deceive Perception

It’s funny how our brain and eyes can sometimes play tricks on us, making us believe we see things that aren’t really there, or completely ignoring what’s right in front of us. We often believe that we see everything in detail, but in reality, our eyes are only interested in a general overview of what’s happening around us.

1. Having one enormous hand would be, well, handy.

Source: PerthCBD / Reddit

Our brain is always trying to make sense of the world around us, but it can’t process everything at once. So, it takes shortcuts, filling in the blanks with what it expects to see rather than what’s really there. That’s why we might see a shape in the clouds that looks like a dog, or a face in the bark of a tree.

2. This photo IS safe for work

Source: leighemi / Reddit

But sometimes, our brain’s shortcuts can lead us astray, causing us to miss important details or misinterpret what’s happening. For example, when we’re in a bad mood, we might interpret someone’s comment as an insult, when in reality, they meant it as a compliment.

3. Two arms and a knee

Source: -AveryH- / Reddit

It’s important to be aware of these tricks our brain and eyes can play on us, so that we can try to see things as they really are. We can train ourselves to be more observant, to take the time to really look at what’s around us, and to question our assumptions. By doing so, we can gain a deeper understanding of the world and the people in it.

4. Lil Arm Chef

Source: tdrogers96 / Reddit

5. Man at the library

Source: marveloussauce / Reddit

6. It’s one photo

Source: sc0tch_m1st / Reddit

7. Coffee with foam cream

Source: hotsteamingpho / Reddit

8. Connor McGregor’s manicured left hand…

Source: seachicken503 / Reddit

9. The number of paws of this dog

Source: shikata-ga-nai- / Reddit

10. Long leg?

Source: mprks / Reddit

11. Shiny side up

Source: TooManyPaws / Reddit

12. My cat looking long while bird watching

Source: chywalker / Reddit

13. I mistook its nostrils for eyes and its teeth for a nose!

Source: Tooleater / Reddit

14. This concrete pad

Source: X3FBrian / Reddit

15. It’s just two bald men

Source: xmesdek / Reddit

16. Hidden by tattoo

Source: CenkHocA12 / Reddit

17. He’s just on top of the closet

Source: YassarZ / Reddit

18. Tall pupper Mutka

Source: vinkulelu / Reddit