18 Touching Stories That Prove This World Is Not Such A Cruel Place After All

Slowly the world becomes a terrible and cruel place to live in, where human beings gradually turn into machines lacking emotions and empathy. Who is to blame when everything we hear is death, destruction, war, and hate speech. However, there is always a little space left for positivity, heartwarming stories, and events around us.

We couldn’t help but share some touching photos that reveal the bright side of our world and make us humans hope for and believe in a brighter and kinder future.

Scroll down to see our perception of touching stories that bring out the humanity in the most beautiful sense of the word. These photos will definitely charge you with positive vibes and make you believe that this world is not such a terrible place after all.

#1. Great news to your feed

Photo: © afieldtype62

#3. An Old couple helping out a guy in need.

Photo: © killHACKS

#4. It’s the little things

Photo: © bella3774

#5. That’s so adorable

Photo: © DCBukI

#6. She turned her scar into a beautiful work of art

Photo: © lyklinumdf

#7. “I  grew up with abusive, drug-addicted parents. I was always filled with anxiety about having my own kids and wondered if I’d be a good mom. Today is my first Mother’s Day and I gotta say, I’m killing it.”

Photo: © missespanda

#8. These guys pass the vibe check

Photo: © rony__stark

#9. Today is the day this little lady becomes my daughter. Happy adoption day!!!

Photo: © Sdoeden87

#10. The most adorable one

Photo: © Mix5362

#11. It made me smile coming home to a clean room today. Depression won’t win.

Photo: © dominictaf00

#12. “I have asthma and have been terrified of COVID for the last 13 months. My school is in-person and people never took the virus seriously, so obviously I was nervous the whole time. Today I got my first vaccine and I’m feeling way more confident now”

Photo: © gnoble22

#13. “Woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise with my cat in celebration of 1 year since my last overdose”

Photo: © SnafuInTheVoid

#14. “After a year of not looking after myself, finally got my hair cut and started therapy, time for a new beginning!”

Photo: © Brooksy925

#15. A Growing Family

Photo: © D0NW0N

#16. “Baked a cake for my boyfriend and me to celebrate our 250 days clean from hard drugs.”

Photo: © _misstntx

#17. “I have cerebral palsy, which has always made it difficult for me to run and jog. Today, despite my disability, I jogged 3km (with a few walking breaks) and I couldn’t be more proud of myself! Here I am, happily post-jog!”

Photo: © karlbarxalot

#18. “I just moved into my first very own place and am living 100% independently”

Photo: © A-A-ron98