18 Times When The Most Ridiculous Ideas Come To Life And Seriously Baffle Everyone

Have you seen something so confusing that you started to hesitate whether to applaud the one who created it or just be surprised how could someone think of something that stupid? Well, we have! To be more precise we have hesitated 18 times in a row while compiling this article for our readers.

If you also can’t wait to see the creations of the most “genius” minds, just scroll down to see the collection. Well, we must admit that some of them are really not that bad.

What do you think?

#1. Told you Met Gala was a total blast.

Photo: © Order_a_pizza

#2. The art of love in the animal world

Photo: © Frumorn_97

#3. Met Gala 2021 was a total blast

Photo: © PMet Gala 2021

#4. East European great execution; Ukraine

Photo: © Traditional_Bee_2802

#5. Nick Cage backpack. Only true fans will appreciate this

Photo: © rataktaktaruken

#6. Probably the worst thing anyone has ever done to their body.

Photo: © polizman20XX

#7. Surely this barber has some skills

Photo: © MegaMindxXx

#8. Nailed it?

Photo: © mrgarechiga

#9. Female toilet entrance luring to come in

Photo: © unk0wn8

#10. The furry skeleton isn’t real, it can’t hurt you

Photo: © fourDnet

#11. Nice idea, huh?

Photo: © Travellingjake

#12. The ultimate goal is to gold chains instead of hair

Photo: © RayZenz91

#13. The costume of the dead

Photo: © boxxkicker

#14. When you’re too bored and have plenty of time

Photo: © Krazy_Steve616

#15. What are they laughing at

Photo: © Avangeloony

#16. When you can’t bring your actual dog with you to the store

Photo: © dilettantedebrah

#17. Fine China Burger, anyone?

Photo: © Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#18. Admirable craftsmanship or forbidden spaghetti

Photo: © xStormwitchx