18 Times People Tried To Turn Their Genius Thoughts Into Reality And The Result Was Simply Awkward

We all think about something genial and run to bring it into life because we think it will be super easy to turn our thoughts into reality if we have a plan in mind. We don’t want to disappoint you here but the results prove that our genius ideas sometimes sound better in our heads than when they are turned into reality.

Some people know what we are talking about and feel the pain because they tried and even shared the photos of their incentive creations. Scroll down to see the photos of handmade items that are so genius and awkward at the same time.

#1. An alternative way to fix the broken chair

Photo: © jtmonkey

#2. Cat knocked the fan over, and it’s over 28°C inside… I had no choice.

Photo: © Turtle-man2

#3. Could anyone explain what is happening here?

Photo: © sodamnsleepy

#4. The scooter of doom

Photo: © Miner_1900

#5. Cyberpunk 2077

Photo: © BulldozeR9

#6. Found inside the wall during a renovation…

Photo: © Impossible-Ad-3060

#7. This is what happens when architectural blueprints & building codes are ignored…

Photo: © Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#8. Ways to prepare for a typhoon in the Philippines.

Photo: © joshua1154

#9. Your move, NASA

Photo: © may_sun

#10. Master Lock

Photo: © superkaifas

#11. So inventive…

Photo: © beetlejules57

#12. Pro tips from genius minds

Photo: © projectolivine

#13. How to smoke weed in a public park

Photo: © Kobi-Wan_Kenobi

#14. “As a landlord, I am constantly amazed at some things my tenants do. I installed new curtain rods before the new tenant moved in, but she still felt it necessary to nail the curtains to the wall”

Photo: © bruce656

#15. Made a WatermelonBoy and tested it out in public

Photo: © cedishappy

#16. When the idea sounded better in your head

Photo: © pirateanimal

#18. “Can you pass the salt before it falls into the trough again please?”

Photo: © libertetrading