18 Times People Put Too Much Effort Into Creating Something Original And Failed Again

Ready for another collection of super creativity that looks foolishly weird? People sometimes put too much effort into their job to create something original and one of its kind. But some get carried away so much in the process that the result is nothing more than just another ridiculous thing, sometimes even intimidating, silly, or absurd.

We at Modern Mood have prepared 18 reasons to laugh today. So just scroll down to see the freshest collection of “awful design but great execution” and comment on the one you think wins among all others.

#1. Why would anyone dress a pet like this?

Photo: © KaamDeveloper

#2. Finally, one of them put some clothes on

Photo: © KorinTheHalfHand

#3. This couch is the stuff of nightmares

Photo: © NonZealot

#4. There’s a party in the back

Photo: © Lognogs

#5. There is no wine glass more convenient than this

Photo: © eggo3664

#6. We are having quite a hard time hating on it.

Photo: © GarretSidzaka

#7. What is he waiting for?

Photo: © PhoShizzity

#8. I see your dogs and bunny, but I raise you three rhinos

Photo: © Suburban_coffee

#9. I see your dogmen… and raise you, crab lady

Photo: © 27stabs

#10. Who will dare to eat this monster cake?

Photo: © LowYak3

#11. This beast has something to be proud of

Photo: © QuestPirate

#12. You are in safe hands…

Photo: © kitchenmutineer

#13. Is this kind of cool?

Photo: © SadSampleText

#14. When you’re drunk and trying to find the right key for the door

Photo: © SadSampleText

#15. Is it only us that think this is actually cute?

Photo: © shitlord_traplord

#16. Sharkberries are spectacularly terrible; what do you think?

Photo: © ihrie82

#17. If it could talk, it would say, “kill me.”

Photo: © allonsyashley

#18. “Talk to the Foot”

Photo: © desertmamba