18 Times People Failed Doing Their Job And No One Will Trust Them With Anything Again

When you assign a job to your employee, and he agrees to everything and claims he can do that, don’t hurry up to feel winning in this situation. Such people exist in every nation and culture.

They know and can do anything, and once they do it and the results turn out to be a complete failure, they still believe they did their best. This is a whole new level of self-confidence and control, and we want to show some of the “artworks” of these people.

We think they are pure love because this collection of their works has given us tons of laughs and a great dose of positivity enough for a stressful day.

Keep on scrolling to see 18 photos and once you’re done laughing, start contemplating how you do your job as well.

#1. It looks more like a storage

Photo: © lamewolfgamesYT

#2. You have to jump over the ditch to wait in the shelter. That’s the rule

Photo: © beunos

#3. Locked the gate, boss.

Photo: © Djs_of_M_and_M

#4. Knives are packaged and counted accurately

Photo: © JeepGirl17

#5. Installed the disabled walkway boss

Photo: © DanAries

#6. Gonna be an awkward situation later

Photo: © shashi_pai_b

#7. Not sure if I need the 5th floor or the 5th floor

Photo: © kakofonn

#8. Ah yes, the square cutter pizza

Photo: © NichoHS

#9. D is for dummies

Photo: © That_4k_Redditor

#10. Installed the theft protection boss

Photo: © daninet

#11. Installed the handles boss

Photo: © Finlandia1865

#12. Does this bump have a deeper meaning I don’t understand?

Photo: © Cuddly_Ork

#13. Built the stairs structure, boss!

Photo: © clonn

#14. The painters at a client’s house

Photo: © TheTB94

#15. Can orange milk be healthy


#16. Chandeliers Hung Boss!

Photo: © CaVeRnOusDiscretion

#17. Installed the pavement tiles boss

Photo: © DanAries

#18. They will never know the difference

Photo: © HeartyHemlock