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18 Times People Behave Out Of The Frameworks Of Normality And There Is No One To Forbid Them

Everything that’s not forbidden is technically permitted. Well, you may become furious about certain things and ways that other people behave, but unfortunately, you don’t have the power to forbid anyone to live the way they want to.

Sometimes people behave out of the frameworks of normality, they do or create absurd stuff, and it’s your obligation not to get crazy.

At Modern Mood, we have decided to see how much iron your nerves are made of and prepared this collection of 18 photos, each describing something beyond logics.

#1. This man’s a pigeon

Photo: © RobbieNorfolk

#2. “Making” dinner is an art

Photo: © veganbooster

#3. When you find yourself at 3 AM on the wrong side of town.

Photo: © izacktorres

#4. One of the winners in the World Beard and Mustache Championships

Photo: © FuccWhatUGottaSay

#5. Meanwhile, in a town in the north of England…

Photo: © MontyMole72

#6. Seeing the red filling on the end of her nails was really upsetting at first glance

Photo: © LowYak3

#7. Felt cute, might delete 9 million people later

Photo: © BigfootDynamite

#8. The life of a Giant

Photo: © NormalKook

#9. Recognized as the world’s most identical twins, Anna and Lucy. They share the same boyfriend called Ben. The twins insist there is no jealousy in their relationship, and they would kiss Ben one after the other.

Photo: © LifeisALove

#10. Every upstairs neighbor’s shoes

Photo: © reathahaysbn

#11. From the sandwich to standwich

Photo: © Immediate_Leg3304

#12. Tried to explain this. Failed.

Photo: © P0t8o-BOI

#13. Wouldn’t this be Wilma Shakespeare?

Photo: © josiemarcellino

#14. From those that think: Going to the bathroom should be uncomfortable.

Photo: © kalalalalkekeke

#15. Someone wishes to have put on her seatbelt

Photo: © BigfootDynamite

#16. Feeling like a creature from a high fantasy book.

Photo: © Detai43

#17. Hugging dad at competition fail

Photo: © BigfootDynamite

#18. I want to look like a pink panther or even better

Photo: © Routine_Fly_7544