18 Times People And Animals Fell Asleep In The Funniest Ways

We have shown a couple of times how animals can sleep in the weirdest positions and in the most unexpected places. It turns out, people can too…

In my family, it has become a tradition to take a photo when one of us is sleeping in a cute or funny way and make this photo the wallpaper of that person’s phone. I guess each of the photos prepared in this post could definitely become a wallpaper one way or another.

We at Modern Mood couldn’t help laughing while compiling the photos where people and animals sleep in the funniest positions and would like you to comment on the most hilarious one.

#1. ‘The creation of Adam’ while your wife is sleeping

Photo: © Iwasnotexpectingthat

#2. Stay safe while napping out there folks

Photo: © mmckillen

#3. Mastering the open-eye snoring

Photo: © mydogharry2019

#4. Students just want some decent sleep.

Photo: © Unknonwn

#5. Cats can do it way weirder.

Photo: © Ali-Bagshi

#6. Spotted sleeping in the cutest way

Photo: © xmimulushunter

#7. My grandma taking a nap. Scared the sh*t out of me at first

Photo: © joeltrane

#8. The best and the safest place to sleep

Photo: © mgm01865m

#9. This is what taking a risky nap looks like

Photo: © deanbravo1234

#10. Sleeps like the dead. No breathing, no moving…

Photo: © tlhiebs

#11. Falling asleep while reading a magazine can be a tricky thing

Photo: © Imgur

#12. Henry the Rhodesian Ridgeback likes to sleep in the dark

Photo: © realjaso7

#13. The long-necked dude taking a cute nap

Photo: © sofyflo

#14. Not really sure how, but my roommate naps like a straight-up homie

Photo: © Imgur

#15. Napped so hard, lost a few lives

Photo: © amandsouza

#16. Tips on how to sleep when drunk

Photo: © ohsureyoudo

#17. I’ll nap now then destroy the universe later…

Photo: © Dirty_Gurdy

#18. Goals: Male lizard holding up his gf so she can take a nap

Photo: © Much-Letterhead6478