18 Times Owners Show Their Pet’s Transformation From a Little Puppy To A Full Grown-Up Dog

Couldn’t puppyhood last forever, please? Pets grow so fast. We are so busy loving, taking care, and just living with them that we sometimes don’t notice how big they grow after a very short period of time. One day we bring a little puppy home and the next day we realize they turned from puppies to big sometimes even massive dogs.

But the most important of all is that our love for them grows even bigger over time. The enthusiastic look in their eyes tells the same thing about their love for us.

We have prepared 18 photos (and a thrilling bonus) of small puppies that in just a blink of an eye have turned into big and lovely dogs.

#1. From the day we got him to his first birthday! 4.5 pounds to about 16, he’s all grown up and gray now!

Photo: © garnersarahj

#2. Cutie! 15 weeks to 15 months.

Photo: © silent_panther

#3. Puppyhood runs so fast

Photo: © dakararesuka

#4. Oliver (Great Dane) 12 weeks to 14 months

Photo: © nbrazel

#5. Full transformation

Photo: © daryljoseph2k01

#6. From a tiny potato to a smiling potato

Photo: © /kenzieski

#7. Dahlia struggling in the first photo at 2 months and now at 1 year and 5 months.

Photo: © Adelarosa92

#8. How adorable! 5 weeks to 1 year!

Photo: © redgoldhandcream

#9. Man’s best friend, all grown up

Photo: © 9999monkeys

#10. 2 months vs 1 year old!

Photo: © YoghurtCloset

#11. Why do they grow up so fast?

Photo: © thiscouldbeitall

#12. Luna – 8 weeks to 1 year

Photo: © /Space-Oddities

#13. 6 months difference for our little Bailey Bear. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in sass and troublemaking

Photo: © ATinyTinyMan

#14. One year after still a bundle of joy

Photo: © IQueenStephI

#15. From 8 weeks to 18 months

Photo: © splittimus

#16. He’s aged well, huh?

Photo: © turreh

#17. Tonbo at 8 weeks, Tonbo tonight, 3 years later

Photo: © Kaldea

#18. 8 weeks to 12 months. Still a floof ball.

Photo: © Car_Old

#Bonus: Puppy to Dogg. 1989 to now.

Photo: © data_vomit