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18 Surprising Discoveries That Prove We Can Still Be Surprised

Surprises await us at every step, but many of them we simply do not notice. But whoever seeks, will always find. In this collection of photographs, we have gathered 18 unexpected moments that prove that the world around us is full of amazing discoveries and surprises waiting to be discovered.

From unusual cloud forms to unexpected coincidences in nature, each photograph shows that the world around us is constantly changing and offers us new opportunities for exploration. Even on an ordinary city street, you can find something unexpected and interesting. But the main thing is to be attentive and open to new things. Join us in the search for amazing discoveries and stay in awe of them.

1. Japan’s Unique Curved Escalator

Photo: © SteveSilva

2. Make Toilets Clean Again!

Photo: © SwiftIy2

3. My blind dog uses her ears to feel out where stairs are

Photo: © backpackofSuitcases

4. These “wine diamonds” I found on the cork of my chianti

Photo: © botany4

5. My lighter is very similar to my rug…

Photo: © Olived83

6. Beachcomber finds anatomically correct heart-shaped shell covered in barnacles

Photo: © Cascading-hearts98

7. Gum wall, Seattle, Washington

Photo: © averyreed7

8. Woman Takes Her Feathered Friends on a Hike in Sedona, Arizona

Photo: © blackcloudcat

9. Found this drink today that has 15,000% vitamin B12 in it

Photo: © AndrewVBell

10. Condensation from a glass made a happy face

Photo: © rave-horn

11. A tree trunk rotted and collapsed in a geometric pattern

Photo: © FlamingNarwhalTusk

12. The bubbles at the bottom of my water glass look like a script of some kind

Photo: © Lilt34

13. My hair froze in minutes this morning in -38C

Photo: © The-Instructor

14. There’s a plant growing out of my carpet

Photo: © Majestik-Eagle

15. Opened a Clif Builder bar to find a piece taken out

Photo: © Snowedin-69

16. This Star Wars-themed Coke bottle at Disney World

Photo: © Quanto-Ryo8

17. I have one ice-cold finger

Photo: © thisonesnotaken

18. This pickle jar came with a scoop to pull them above the juice

Photo: © Hearkittykitty