18 Situations That Are So Funny They Made Us Cry From Laughter

“A day without laughter is a day wasted”. Positivity will help overcome any kind of stress or depression.

In the midst of tough routines and stressful events around us, all we need is a good reason to smile and laugh. And what can make us laugh better than random and real situations that people take photos of and share with other users?

So now you have 18 reasons to smile because we have prepared this collection of 18 funny photos to release some endorphins and boost your moods.

#1. “All of my coworkers agreed to dress up as smurfs for Halloween. I’m the only one to go through with it.”

Photo: © Papa_Skittles

#2. The funny message from a girlfriend on the pillow

Photo: © RagingNacho119

#3. The irony when your house has 10 rooms…

Photo: © danthoms

#4. Proof that babies are delivered this way only

Photo: © profanacion

#5. The pain of online shopping

Photo: © garbagecannot8

#6. Celebrating girlfriend’s first fart with this funny cake

Photo: © idk5775

#7. The softest way to get a divorce

Photo: © medfitthrowaway

#8. We know there is a good explanation for this

Photo: © TexB22

#9. Real superheroes don’t exis-

Photo: © Big-Custard2645

#10. Domestic flights in 2021

Photo: © Foolscap77

#11. She isn’t very thrilled about the first kiss.

Photo: © JConaSpree

#12. Do you have any games on your phone?

Photo: © pami_8

#13. The thief. Oh, well, he’s the sweetest criminal

Photo: © swansonsmeat

#14. Sometimes we really wonder if we are in a comedy show of an alien tv…

Photo: © _awN

#15. What does this place smell like to you?

Photo: © poopy-buthole

#16. This is what Regina George costume would look like

Photo: © sushicats

#17. Wavy Head and delicate sense of humor

Photo: © hunniddolla

#18. She wanted to be a Transformer for Halloween.

Photo: © brandoj23