18 Simplest And Cool Inventions That Made Our Life Much Easier

The lazy nature of humankind has led us to invent the most complex things and objects to make our lives a little more convenient and a lot easier. Well, laziness is not such a bad thing after all, huh? Thanks to that we now have the coolest objects that make our life simpler.

Our team has prepared the  18 simplest and coolest inventions by people that would be great to have!

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#1. Simple Invention that has made it more convenient

Photo: © repsac

#2. Wow, thanks the one who invented this

Photo: © repsac

#3. Who else needs this?

Photo: © repsac

#4. Cool fan pull-strings

Photo: © Rock7482

#5. So fancy. Nothing but cats.

Photo: © twcau

#6. Door lock designed with elderly (or intoxicated) people in mind

Photo: © 5_Frog_Margin

#7. Portable face shader for the beach

Photo: © Aristophania

#8. A very clever way to make a caution sign.

Photo: © RGZoro

#9. Literally a bear glass

Photo: © Harionago

#10. A terrarium Coffee table

Photo: © Rock7482

#11. Bench made to make homeless people sleep better.

Photo: © bigmanshayan

#12. A regenerative candle forms a new one as it melts.

Photo: © Real_Joe_Mom

#13. Mirror Lounge Seating by Trix & Robert Haussmann

Photo: © beepboop069

#14. A mini Filing Cabinet for SD cards

Photo: © AJAT2005

#15. Contemporary house glass ceiling bedroom. This so cool

Photo: © mtlgrems

#16. This giant family tent has private bedroom compartments and a full living area!

Photo: © Cattreddit

#17. Super cool Chameleon tape measure

Photo: © I-Just-Shidded

#18. Self-taught American artist Brian Mock, turns reclaimed materials into breathtaking sculptures

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#Bonus: Just the ends of drumstick cones

Photo: ©