18 Satisfying Images Of Perfect Things As a Real Visual Therapy

If therapy was free there would be fewer depressed people and more satisfied and happy ones.

Stressed out? This collection will soothe the stress. Sometimes the best way to overcome anxiety is through visual elements. This is what we call a free therapy and I compiled this post just for a case like this.

Today we have selected 18 perfect and beyond satisfying photos that almost seem therapeutic. Take a minute to scroll down the photos and be sure your brain will thank you.

#1. The satisfying stone arrangement by artist Jon Foreman

Photo: © oadtrip-ne

#2. The cat in front of a stained glass window

Photo: © Unknown

#3. Cherry blossoms in Oregon are pure perfection

Photo: © kenistod

#4. This cool lighting made the photo a masterpiece

Photo: © future_beach_bum

#5. Homemade Algerian Baklava is what you need to relieve stress

Photo: © KE4NO

#6. The way these thrift store tea cups are displayed is satisfying

Photo: © AverageCharley

#7. To say these apartments in the sunshine are perfection is to say nothing

Photo: © Douglasqqq

#8. Definitely a job of a perfectionist

Photo: © STG_99

#9. The best end of the day

Photo: © Red_Patcher

#10. When the shadow looks more real

Photo: © Unknown

#11. Lithops are South African plants that have evolved to look like stones

Photo: © StcStasi

#12. The perfect snow coverage

Photo: © bipnoodooshup

#13. They look like the perfect coloring pencils

Photo: © BuffRobloxMan

#14. Easter perfection

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#15. Neat and satisfying

Photo: © SpencerLass

#16. Male and female Grandalas make the perfect harmony

Photo: ©. TheCheesecakeOfDoom

#17. This photo of the moon and a plane soothes the mind

Photo: © Unknown

#18. Would you ruin this pattern by eating the cheese?

Photo: © DonSmo