18 Real Things You’ve Probably Never Seen, But They’re Worth It

Some things that seem commonplace today, people could not even imagine before. So it used to be with space flight, and now practically tourist routes have been developed there. It’s only the beginning. This time in the material some things can be found on this planet, but from this, they are no less impressive and almost unique. We invite you to take a look at our list.

1. The right foot of St. Peter’s in the Vatican after years of worshipers kissed it

2. A bridge underneath is lit, reflecting across the water to form a moon

3. This alligator is carved from a single piece of wood

4. Valentine Tapley promised to never shave again if Abraham Lincoln was elected president. He died in 1910 with a 12-foot-long beard

5. Cannabis growing naturally in the Himalayas

6. An X-ray of someone with hyperdontia, or extra teeth

7. Sunflower seeds growing into sunflowers while still in the sunflower

8. Crab Invasion! As this unsuspecting family enjoyed their freshly cooked barbecue while camping on secluded Christmas Island, off Western Australia’s far North-West, the Robber Crabs!

9. Stadium in Russia didn’t meet FIFA standards for the World Cup, so they added 18K seats in the most terrifying way possible

10. $1 USD in Venezuelan Bolivars

11. US Army soldiers with gold bullions in Iraq, 2003

12. A man engrossed in one of Prague Castle’s giant books

13. Wisconsin – Erosion caused this skull-shaped rock formation

14. A teenager from Madhya Pradesh, India has an ultra-rare condition called ‘werewolf syndrome’ (hypertrichosis). This incurable condition is so rare that it is believed that only 50 people have had it since the Middle Ages

15. Water pipe encrusted with groundwater salt

16. 86 Year Old Bodybuilder breaks own record, becomes oldest to ever compete in Japan. This gentleman is an inspiration, congratulation on your work

17. Experimental Japanese bullet train ALFA-X with a top speed of 400 Km per hour

18. Diego Maradona’s statue was unveiled today in Napoli