18 Rare Photos To Make You Realize How Amazing This World Is And To Make You Smile

If you already gave up the idea that there is nothing left in this world to be surprised and amazed at then you definitely will like this article with 18 unique photos of rare things, creatures, and phenomena. From a cute and really rare dwarf hamster to an incredibly weird turtle with shell mutation, from the joy of a newborn baby to a really cute hedgehog showing its front teeth, these photos will prove that the world we live in is indeed full of miracles and wonders.

Scroll down to see the photos and simply smile.

#1. Turtle with Shell Mutation

Photo: © Cendre_Falke

#2. The most adorable dwarf hamster

Photo: © AndreyAbr

#3. Japanese maple tree. Portland, OR

Photo: © Jay-Moore

#4. SpaceX rocket exhaust plume, Sierra Nevada, California, the USA by Brandon Yoshizawa

Photo: © Successful_Donut_928

#5. Friends never leave each other’s back

Photo: © hubhazard

#6. Shades of Blue highlight this San Francisco Victorian home

Photo: © d3333p7

#7. Absolute cuteness

Photo: © Owowowowowls

#8. A Serval making a wish

Photo: © albene

#9. I believe I can fly

Photo: © evilbert79

#10. Three criminals walking down the street

Photo: © mohamez

#11. Breathtakingly beautiful terraced rice paddy field

Photo: © _eipeidweP_

#12. Newborn baby newborn happiness

Photo: © ChallengerGlacier

#13. Stuffed baby owls look so real

Photo: © Magnicello

#14. How joyful could it get?

Photo: © LouisCypher587

#15. Some satisfying welding job

Photo: © d3333p7

#16. Chameleons just love holding toy swords.

Photo: © PotRo_ast_cks

#17. This Hedgehog with front teeth showing is pure love

Photo: © millser17

#18. Not only humans love Obama

Photo: © gehaut