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18 Rare Photos About Coincidence That The Odds Of Happening Are One In A Million

There are no coincidences in this world. Everything must have its explanation. But the photos in this article are unique in a way that they don’t have a decent explanation. We don’t believe in coincidence, but the possibility to be in the perfect place at the right time with a camera on hand is mere luck and more than a coincidence.

The heroes of our collection were lucky to have someone capture these confusing and weird moments and share them with everyone else. They witnessed some truly rare moments and became part of slightly confusing situations that would otherwise be unbelievable.

Scroll down to check the photo proof and tell us about the rarest situation in your life.

#1. He hit a bird, carrying a snake, with a rat in its mouth.

Photo: © Madalgy

#2. Met Keanu Reeves once when I was 14 and again when I was 17. Oddly enough, Neo was wearing the same t-shirt both times.

Photo: © Dont_Jimmie_Me_Jules

#3. Take a photo of your launch until it’s gone

Photo: © bassaleh

#4. Never order anything that says, “Oh no.”

Photo: © jacklsd

#5. The cruelest way to die…

Photo: © Altruistic_Jicama604

#6. Tree falls on the fence, destroys but perfectly replaces fence. – Alapocas Run State Park

Photo: © Billy_Likes_Music

#7. The egg perfectly inverted itself

Photo: © artemwastaken

#8. This scene from Disney’s Bambi almost intricately imitated by accident

Photo: © Flyonz

#9. Seeing a plane crash in front of you on the freeway is wild

Photo: © AandA248

#10. How did this happen?

Photo: © Coolaner

#11. Double lightning at the exact moment Newcastle, Australia

Photo: © JakeTheSandMan

#12. The goal is to be this relaxed in accidents

Photo: © Coolaner

#13. Seeing a three-eyed cow is one in a million thing

Photo: © Lord_Cubus

#14. These two noodles escaped being poured into the pot by holding on to the package walls

Photo: © SirAnducar

#15. Perfect calculation.

Photo: © Comrade_NB

#16. The sign still works

Photo: © DethrowDigitals

#17. This sign post was launched after a drunk driving accident on the street.

Photo: © SeriousCats

#18. What are the odds of such a coincidence

Photo: © OilyBuilding

#Bonus: What are the odds that your pup is more photogenic than you?

Photo: © ExpertExpert