18 Puzzling Shots That Don’t Seem So Illogical After A Second Glance

Maybe if they told us the prehistory of all these funny and illogical photos they would make sense after all? But no one did, so the conclusions of what really happened are still staying up to us. We have prepared some hilariously funny but confusing photos that leave us guessing what’s actually going on in the photos.

But we suggest just checking the photos without minding what happened there because they are so funny without even an explanation.

#1. Do you see a man with a backpack running into the forest or a dog running out of the forest?

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#2. Spider cat?

Photo: © ewblood

#3. Looks like a bird breaking the sound barrier

Photo: © VioletStereo

#4. These are really long legs

Photo: © MiWoj2909

#5. Explain this

Photo: © TheCoolMan5

#6. The safest spot to fall asleep

Photo: © lovechan814

#7. A perfectly camouflaged building

Photo: © Neff38

#8. Is it the wall or the truck’s container?

Photo: © ManuelHS

#9. Who else saw that?

Photo: © Flashahahhhhhh

#10. Stop!What the heck are you doing over there! This is not a public toil.. Oh, never mind.

Photo: © IMissYouSooMuch

#11. Imagine turning up in the same outfit!

Photo: © liamo000

#12. A centaur, or a dog?

Photo: © ZappBrannigansLaw

#13. A moth on a towel?

Photo: © HansMLither

#14. Just an afro boy walking around the city

Photo: © Speeider

#15. A dog in a blizzard

Photo: © Calcanius

#16. A Floating trash can

Photo: © DobbyDElf24

#17. This could be so creepy

Photo: © Kdris

#18. Introducing new, giant cats

Photo: © AScannerBarkly