18 Precious Shots Of Animals That Simply Made Us Smile For No Reason At All

Wiggling tails, wet noses, ever cheerful spirits, and fluffy fur. We just described eternity here and we’re more than sure you guessed who we are talking about. Only they know how to cheer us up and they are called puppies or kittens.

These real-life antidepressants are so adorable that can drive any pain away. If you also need some healing, scroll down to see our cutest collection and smile for no reason today.

#1. Doggo be like “I’ve got the baby. You can go now…”

Photo: © JeddahWR

#2. This “innocent” creature doesn’t like to have his nails clipped at the groomer, so they take precautions.

Photo: © SirLeigh

#3. “Caught my son sleeping”

Photo: © jonfromgot

#4. Oh, so bored with being rich

Photo: © DaimoChristou

#5. “My dad and his dog Odin after a long day.”

Photo: © jdex89

#6. This is Chungus. 20 lbs of fluffy, squishy, love.

Photo: © KazThe10th

#7. He will make anyone love him

Photo: © This_is_fine_______

#8. Snow is celebrating 14th birthday

Photo: © bunny-lynn

#9. This is what newborn happiness looks like

Photo: © bootyfromheaven

#10. If you see him you keep him.

Photo: © unerdifgey

#11. “We’re just playing”

Photo: © gokuzen3

#12. The most heart-melting friendship

Photo: © runningon1

#13. 6-7 years old but still a cute puppy

Photo: © I_hate_arson

#14. Some goofy boy to cheer you up

Photo: © willbumdum

#15. This precious one has made us go aww

Photo: © unerdifgey

#16. The look he gives you when you’re holding his favorite toy.

Photo: © ObnoxiousGiant

#17. What do you think about this cuteness?

Photo: © in-the-name-of-love

#18. The cutest face of a regret

Photo: © Ragemili