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18 Pictures That’ll Make You Say, “Is There Something Wrong With This Dog?”

All dogs are good dogs, but some are just weirder than others, and we LOVE it!
Enjoy this compilation of goofiness overload.

1.Wakes me at 5 am for her walk. This is the walk

Photo: © Skooterthedog

2.A very photogenic couple

Photo: © __shitsahoy__

3.I don’t even know

Photo: © damon_021

4.I think my dog is auditioning for the Walking dead

Photo: © achipps1

5.He’s been hanging out with the cat too much lately

Photo: ©as ctotz

6.When the kitchen has smelled like enchiladas for hours and you’re done being polite

Photo: © PaulettaAigner

7.This is the ridiculous face Pepper makes after getting peanut butter

Photo: © ChemicalWeather

8.She’s clearly not a fan of the new carnet

Photo: © ZakkH

9.The shelter said she was shy and wouldn’t want to be around us much…This is what I wake up to every day

Photo: © pupsaurus

10.He really loves digging

Photo: © Luvlyjubblies1

11.When you try to take a photo of your city at night, but your dog makes it ten times better

Photo: © SerotoninSupplier

12.An interesting way of relaxing in front of the TV….

Photo: © njriver999

13.Error, dog.exe stopped working

Photo: © blerple

14.Aww Yissss

Photo: © i_wap_to_warcraft

15.You pet me now!

Photo: © destaree

16.This is George aka sleeping beauty

Photo: © gooseneckmonkey

17.A net to stop the dog from distracting you when driving. The dog

Photo: © zenru

18.Went on a boat trip, dog melted

Photo: © khosrove