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18 Pics to brighten your day and make you smile if you haven’t already

Being positive has so many advantages. At least it makes the day a little easier to bare. Positivity spreads via loved ones and friends, by doing something you love or simply looking through this light-hearted compilation we gathered especially to brighten your day and give it a positive kick start!

1. Congrats! You lost 5lb before you even started to work out

Photo: © ndetro

2. She wanted to make potty soup

Photo: © gabagool

3. So, my uncle made my aunt a cup of coffee today

Photo: © Robofetus

4. Found this in an old family photo album


5. My dad Is two different people in one

Photo: © illbeyournursetoday

6. I think I found him!

Photo: © EagleSongs

7. A friend of mine has a fun day out in Cardiff

Photo: © gingerbreadmonsoon

8. Meet Oz, my last foster fail and adventure buddy

Photo: © harugyu

9. Husband leading blind wife into a strip club

Photo: © TummyPuppy

10. Super cute

Photo: © yahavd

11. What It Takes to be a dad

Photo: © paiderodinhas

12. All according to plan

Photo: © ebtcrew

13. Chomp

Photo: © englishtree

14. This whole family napping together…

Photo: © ApologeticKid

15. My 4-year-old brought me a rubber band and asked me to do this to him

Photo: © NinkovichPlease

16. My daughter had my wife’s phone on a long car ride. She ordered all the Barbie dream houses from amazon

Photo: © NinkovichPlease

17. 1935 vs 2021

Photo: © 1991mgs

18. What a bath can do to one’s appearance!

Photo: © uyanbekardes