18 Photos Showing What a Bad Day Looks Like That Would Be So Painful If They Weren’t So Funny

Each day is a brand new chance…but sometimes it’s a chance to experience a genuinely exhausting day when luck seems to abandon us. Do you follow what we are saying? Those who have experienced a row of minor misfortunes one after another will probably feel the pain.

As for us, our team also hurts when looking at these photos of people who are proving what’s it like to have a terrible day. But this doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at them, right?

Scroll down to see the collection, and don’t feel guilty if you burst out from laughter.

#1. How unlucky are you if you sell your iPad for fake money?

Photo: © raimibonn

#2. Don’t park your car under heating, people

Photo: © sharksalad

#3. My view while waiting for a tow truck…

Photo: © markkgtv

#4. Well, shit happens

Photo: © millre01

#5. I never heard it happen.

Photo: © CatBrread64

#6. You know things are bad when your dog has diarrhea while you’re away

Photo: © Scrubbadubdoug

#7. The new $2k PC came in just in time for Christmas…

Photo: © guice666

#8. Never leave the van door open before a storm

Photo: © zeldadorf

#9. The good news, I narrowly avoided a house fire today. The bad news, all of the outlets in my basement are dead now.

Photo: © iluvatarr1

#10. Stopping the ball with her face

Photo: © CodWhisperer

#11. When your local fire station burns to the ground

Photo: © lovelyb1ch66

#12. Heard my dogs getting rowdy in the other room & didn’t think much of it

Photo: © cynical_310

#13. When your kid puts a plastic bottle in the microwave and it fucking explodes

Photo: © 9999monkeys

#14. It’s winter, people. Slow down.

Photo: © Shaneblaster

#15. When the apartment was so cold that the water tank froze and broke

Photo: © ExpertAccident

#16. This is what cooking a frozen pizza looks like

Photo: © Extis83

#17. You know there is no dinner for you when your housemate’s dog gets into your 6 hour Butter Chicken.

Photo: © DopeCalyps0

#18. Guy dropped a $40,000 pallet of glass on his first day.

Photo: © rTenenbaum7