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18 Photos Of Ordinary Life In Britain That Surprisingly Are Not About The Queen

If you’re someone who loves to explore new places and soak in different cultures, then you might be familiar with London, the capital of Great Britain. London is a city that never fails to surprise you with its sheer size, diversity, and its rich history. However, there’s more to Britain than just London. When you think of Britain, you may picture iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and Big Ben. But did you know there’s more to discover about Britain beyond these famous landmarks? In this post, we’re going to show you 18 photos that capture the essence of ordinary life in Britain.

Take a scroll down and see what we mean. You might be inspired to pack your bags and head to Britain to discover all the hidden gems it offers. So come along on this virtual journey and discover Britain from a new perspective!

1. Called in to work on the landslip at Hook

Source: AngloSaxonP / Reddit

2. Golden hour last night with Ralph on the Orkney Islands

Source: MillionMoons/ Reddit

3. So there’s a fox in my upstairs bedroom. Not entirely sure how it got in…

Source: kurtis_f/ Reddit

4. Tea in bed with Liz.

Source: galindatherad/ Reddit

5. A proper Christmas start

Source: 3616920/ Reddit

6. The local town council is now in session. These guys meet every morning to discuss important matters and loll about till midday.

Source: TheVelvetUnderwear/ Reddit

7. Metal bollard was getting in the way of our side door at work so we cut it down.

Source: Robsteer/ Reddit

8. Just living his best life eating croissants in Morrisons

Source: chipsnsparkles/ Reddit

9. Flying to Dublin tomorrow so I made my own carry-on bag

Source: loudribs/ Reddit

10. The duality of the UK

Source: unknown/ Reddit

11. ‘Full English Breakfast’ costume for a British-themed party. Apparently, I didn’t quite understand the assignment

Source: h57max/ Reddit

12. When the pubs have been closed for 4 months, a bit of rain won’t stop these lads

Source: TheForthWallBreaker/ Reddit

13. Can’t get more casual than a pony waiting outside the Post Office

Source: chaostrulyreigns/ Reddit

14. Three foxes curled up on the roof of a shed

Source: ElegantBob/ Reddit

15. H&M championing the escaped dementia patient look

Source: Mobilethrashacetate/ Reddit

16. Yesterday morning in Lincoln. I love this time of year when it’s bright but still cool

Source: marmitewarlock/ Reddit

17. Posties ay…

Source: willoftw/ Reddit

18. Facebook marketplace seller on another level

Source: Playing_One_Handed/ Reddit