18 Photos Looking at Which You Only Wonder “What’s Going On Here?”

Do you often come across situations you just don’t understand? Life is a real unpredictable thing, you won’t know what will happen in a second.

We get surprised less and less over time, but still, there are moments that stay a mystery forevermore and leave us confused for a long time.

In this article, Modern Mood has selected 18 hilarious photos looking at which only one question will come to mind: “What’s really going on in here?”

#1. A sacred punch is always the strongest

Photo: © V8TITAN

#2. “Is he really my father?”

Photo: © Nara1337

#3. Tell me more about creativity

Photo: © lewisyext

#4. He knows where he is headed

Photo: © when-the-fart

#5. We all prayed this was a sand sculpture

Photo: © Lostor13

#6. True love never fails…

Photo: © maxreboblue

#7. What’s he trying to do?

Photo: © bigbigbigwow

#8. The sun is out, I don’t care about the rest

Photo: © That_Concert_Boi

#9. Ringing sheep

Photo: © Highfalutin_Guest_

#10. The queen

Photo: © lewisyext

#11. Modern proposals be like

Photo: © majowi77

#12. Seriously, what’s going on here?

Photo: © lewisyext

#13. Can someone wxplain this?

Photo: © lewisyext

#14. How you doin’?

Photo: © SucukluKurabiye

#15. Needing hugs right now

Photo: © lewisyext

#16. Why human, why did you have to do this to me?

Photo: © break_me_down

#17. Followed the instructions, obviously

Photo: © CatInSpaceOP

#18. What happened next?

Photo: © CheleMoreno