18 Photographs As A Reminder That Our World Is Both Mysterious And Amazing

The world we live in is truly a remarkable place, filled with endless wonders waiting to be discovered. Every day, new and exciting phenomena occur, each one more fascinating than the last. From the depths of the ocean to the highest mountain peaks, there is no shortage of unique and unusual sights to behold.

So take a moment to appreciate the incredible world we live in and all of the amazing things it has to offer. Explore this collection of photos and discover something new today. Who knows what incredible sights and sounds you’ll encounter on your journey through this wondrous world of ours!

1. Incredible Batman and Joker sand sculpture

Source: Tautlytake / Reddit

2. Dan Osman Human Flag Off El Capitan

Source: TopicalFun / Reddit

3. Oldest Greenland Shark is believed to be upwards of 512yrs old Radiocarbon dating isn’t exact, so it’s likely to be in the middle at 400yrs old and birthed between 1501 and 1744

Source: Tobin678 / Reddit

4. Abandoned 411 Call Center

Source: Roger22nrx / Reddit

5. Came across this upside-down house

Source: climberofrock / Reddit

6. This European Hedgehog fluoresces under UltraViolet light

Source: TheKiwiTimeLord / Reddit

7. The way this ice has formed looks like a tiny forest

Source: Jqzzy / Reddit

8. Here’s a wasp that landed on a Water Scorpion

Source: Remember_Kvatch / Reddit

9. Abandoned french countryside house

Source: rveillon / Reddit

10. A hidden buddha surrounded by a hill of lavenders, Japan

Source: parietalGat701 / Reddit

11. GF’s aunt’s dog has a perfect circle in his fur

Source: dog-chicken / Reddit

12. Window Rock near Clarksville Arkansas

Source: Radguy_Dan / Reddit


14. This tree in the Heanertsburg Forest, Limpopo, South Africa

Source: BergBeertjie / Reddit

15. Mega trypophobia vibes, ey Mark?

Source: Das_Boot_95 / Reddit

16. Concrete tank traps near Moray Coast in Northeast Scotland WWII Residue

Source: esotheric / Reddit

17. Chrysaora pacifica, commonly named the Japanese sea nettle, is a jellyfish in the family Pelagiidae

Source: Pasargad / Reddit

18. The Artic Light in Uummannaq, Central-Western Greenland. Serene & Spectacular

Source: TheGuvnor247 / Reddit