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18 Photo Proof Why We Call Cats Liquids Or Phenomenal Yoginis

Have you ever seen an animal more flexible than a cat? Sincerely, we haven’t yet come across that kind of flexibility that could beat that of a cat. It’s not a coincidence they call cats liquids.

Can you imagine what happens when some naughtiness is added to the weirdest poses that our little fellas take?

Scroll down to see yourself. These photos are proof why they keep calling the naughty liquids or professional yoginis.

#1. She’ll hold this pose until you pet her…

Photo: © ughhhfine

#2. It’s always a 10-minute fight to get her to come down.

Photo: © watchfulflora

#3. Yoga Sleeping

Photo: © My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#4. All orange cats share one brain cell.

Photo: © Azsnee09

#5. Just to be clear, this is a cat.

Photo: © karmagheden

#6. Caught in the place of crime

Photo: © Komplexs

#7. We’ll never know what he’s trying to do

Photo: © MeliaDanae

#8. They broke the mould when they made this guy.

Photo: © StrawberryMoonPie

#9. Golden eyes, wicked smile

Photo: © SystemLog

#10. What ISN’T wrong with this guy? Look at that overbite.

Photo: © TurnaboutAdam

#11. Decided to stick his head in the empty nugget container

Photo: © Slutty-cat-lover

#12. He just fell asleep like this

Photo: © musicsquidge

#13. Every time I shower…

Photo: © I_stay_sideways

#14. Please don’t take in cats from Chernobyl…

Photo: © Azsnee09

#15. Sitting like this for hours

Photo: © PensiveOregonad

#16. Visible confusion

Photo: © bajinglez

#17. Yeah, cats can do even the undoable

Photo: © jasontaken

#18. See?

Photo: © emiceel