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18 People Whose Cooking Skills Would Make Gordon Ramsay Lose His Mind

Accidents happen in the kitchen but sometimes those accidents turn into culinary disasters. Seems easy when you’re watching a cooking show, everything looks simple and clear, but once you start, you know you’re in trouble, especially if you have little to no cooking skills.

Following the recipe gets complicated with each step, you forget to keep the time and there you have it: a burnt roast chicken and an oven that’s easier to throw away than to clean. Nevertheless, with a little cautiousness and patience, even the most complex recipe can be prepared, also it’s important to look back at your failures with a little humor.

So, brace yourself for the next 18 photos of culinary disasters we got for you, and a little bonus at the end.

#1. Invited my parents for dinner, they rang the door at the worst possible moment

Photo: © Psychologic-Anteater

#2. The Christmas dinner was lit!

Photo: © IVgodsgreenthumbXX

#3. Used the wrong hotplate to cook coffee

Photo: © TDog-Masen

#4. Recipe: Place pizza rolls and French fries in the oven, then promptly take a 3-hour nap

Photo: © ypewriter6

#5. 6 hours of cooking gone to waste. Well, at least the cat’s having fun

Photo: © sloshncrunch

#6. As requested, my boyfriend’s “mac and cheese”

Photo: © Finding_Scremo

#7. Was making dinner after working all day at the new house. Needles to say, I’m quite salty right now

Photo: © uncanny_grapefruit

#8. Dropped my friend’s phone and smashed it by accident. Then came home and dropped my dinner.

Photo: © SurHunLuk

#9. Almost burned down my house while making a croissant – well, might as well take a pic of it!

Photo: © yogurtlvr

#10. Light snack

Photo: © LostInTheSwin

#11. I’m a chef, my housemate sent me this and asked if it could be saved. I didn’t reply

Photo: © icceo

#12. Roast chicken with lime stuffing gone wrong

Photo: © foodbabytaiwan

#13. A lovely pot roast for 4, cooked on the self-cleaning feature

Photo: © IncogitatusErgoSumnt

#14. This is how you make suspicious stew

Photo: © IncogitatusErgoSumnt

#15. Never try to shut the oven door with your foot while cooking Christmas dinner

Photo: © Imgur

#16. Make it your last time, bro

Photo: © DimitriTooProBro

#17. My not so beautiful cinnamon rolls with a ton of glaze

Photo: © RaneX_GR

#18. The fire alarm goes off in 4…3…2…1

Photo: © name-already-taken6

#Bonus: Spiderman saving his own cake

Photo: © Bumble-Bee-Butt