18 People Who Know Better What Bad Luck Is And We Really Feel Sorry For Them

Superstitious people believe that certain things can bring bad luck like Friday 13, a black cat that crosses one’s path, certain numbers, opening an umbrella when you are inside of a building, breaking a mirror, or gifting someone with a clock. But all this is just nonsense. Some people had a really bad day without any of these signs, just because well life happens, things happen, bad things also happen.

In this article, our team prepared the worst or the best examples of bad luck that would be so funny if they weren’t this rough. These people know better than anyone else what it is like to have a bad day. Did you experience something like this yourself? Were there any signs?

#1. The printer exploded…

Photo: © tatoarcgo

#2. Could it be worse?

Photo: © lukegraham309

#3. Went kayaking and swimming for 3ish hours

Photo: © The_Mortal_Ban

#4. I was a zombie extra in a cable show. They were going for “foaming at the mouth,” it ended up being “took a load to the face.”

Photo: © PreOpTransCentaur

#5. Well, it looks like it smelled good?

Photo: © HerbertFCandler02

#6. After weeks of fretting, we decided a dolly was the best way to move the pennies my dad has collected since 1989 in an antique glass water jug. We were wrong.

Photo: © canyallgoaway

#7. Tornado-driven murder-branch impales my house directly above my kid’s bed

Photo: © Endarius

#8. Making brownies didn’t go as planned.

Photo: © 55555

#9. Went to a barber for a neck shave two days before my wedding…

Photo: © jasonwray

#10. “Apparently I needed some more iron in my diet.”

Photo: © fiddIydigits

#11. Someone at USPS tried to fold my package with a rare record inside it, $100 gone and now one less of them in the world

Photo: © ComaKino

#12. Won’t be playing the guitar for a while. Turned on the wrong burner and then grabbed a metal bowl that was sitting above the flame.

Photo: © gregjacquin

#13. On the trend of USPS bending things they shouldn’t, my college diploma.

Photo: © afseparatee

#14. Making pasta has never been so painful

Photo: © karibot3

#15. What can be crueller than having an allergy to your favourite fruit?

Photo: © addyislife

#16. Falling down the stairs

Photo: © Jaunt-

#17. The kid was excited to get a window seat…

Photo: © m_o_n_t_y

#18. Oops… Looks like someone’s Tesla is going to be late.

Photo: © Lost_Minds_Think