18 People Who Had The Most Awful Day Will Make You Feel Guilty To Even Laugh At Them

We all experience days when nothing goes the way we have planned. Most of us stress, get frustrated, angry, or panic. But what use there to experience all these negative feelings when there isn’t much we can do about unlucky situations.

There is only one way: to face the challenges and work on giving solutions to what bothers us! We are convinced all you need is a little patience and faith in better days.

Scroll down to see the photos and don’t feel guilty to laugh at these moments when luck obviously has left away.

#1. So our wedding venue burnt down today…

Photo: © paaytonmariee

#2. Laundry time has never been so painful

Photo: © argentina17

#3. Whoever this happened to, we feel your pain

Photo: © nkrypth

#4. The nastiest passenger award goes to this guy.

Photo: © /londonsages

#5. Woke up to this…

Photo: © Exquisitefish

#6. The ATM gave me only $10.

Photo: © Fluffybumkin

#7. Something is missing. Ah, salt!

Photo: © MaraKrauklis

#8. Neighbor paid for tree removal under the table.

Photo: © Jober36

#9. Birds just wanna have some fun

Photo: © Outremers_Sword1205

#10. …and there’s no one to give a hand

Photo: © totallynotcap

#11. Get all the way to work, look down and this is what I see.

Photo: © Kimbuchaaaaa

#12. It’s cold outside

Photo: © yakiyakie

#13. I thought I was having a bad day until I drove by this.

Photo: © onlywittysometimess

#14. Porcupine ain’t nothing to mess with…

Photo: © hyzerhuck1989

#15. Turned the TV on after a 12 hour night at work

Photo: © RayApe

#16. The first day of reopened outdoor restaurants in Germany

Photo: © marfholop

#17. 10 liters of milkshake mix…

Photo: © its_sean_again

#18. Amazon sent me a used Beats headphone that someone swapped and returned.

Photo: © UndergroundRemix