18 Original Stuff From The Flea Market That Will Make You Shop There The Next Time

The most unique household items, original clothing stuff, the finest pieces of furniture, and many other tools we use in our everyday life are more often hard to find in an ordinary store right at the corner of your house. But it’s super pleasant and satisfying to have some original stuff at your house that others keep asking where you found it. That is why most people went to the Flea market and got such unique items that most of you will probably wish to also own.

Our team has found some exclusive items that users got from the flea market and decided to share with others too. These things are really original and very affordable in price. Scroll down to see the photos and share with us what was the most unique thing you yourself have bought so far.

#1. Hundreds of love letters between a sailor and his wife during 1918 (WW1). They start out as a secret couple, then marry after a few months!

Photo: © wilsoncommaadam

#2. Found this a while back in a charity shop for £10

Photo: © Nano-Byte2

#3. This beautiful Baldwin organ works perfectly and was worth only 170$.

Photo: © -georgie

#4. Full circle skirt, perfect cuffs & collar, complete with heart buttons. 4$

Photo: © Motherofbears5

#5. Fantastic Kitchen Island Aquarium

Photo: © zonkedforlife

#6. A beautiful bride tray for a mere $3.50

Photo: © PDXGhoulz

#7. Found the perfect pair of Docs at Goodwill!

Photo: © Mr_spookerson

#8. I like to paint nonsense over pictures I buy at the thrift store

Photo: © Forgetthealamoplease

#9. Incredible Estate sale Amethyst ring

Photo: © venus_priestess

#10. Starburst mirror from Goodwill was $12.99! In love!!

Photo: © julieelin

#11. Beautiful thrifted dress

Photo: © salemboop7

#12. Finally found an MCM bookcase (an etagere, if you will).

Photo: © buttholepatrol

#13. Found this beautiful butterfly at Goodwill today, I’ve always wanted one!

Photo: © _eringk_

#14. Finally found the thrift lamp of my dreams. My white whale.

Photo: © evilwitch23

#15. An amazing incense burner

Photo: © Dramatic_Walk8387

#16. A great mirror for only $2

Photo: © CravingSatisfaction

#17. $15 dollars at a thrift store and it’s an original!

Photo: © RobotsSuck28

#18. A cool sweater found at the thrift store

Photo: ©